As a company, we are constantly growing. We are always looking at new ways to expand into bigger and greater markets. With this type of movement, we are always open to those who wish to share with us their professional expertise and to see whether or not we can cater for them and grow our team of professionals even further.

Since 1999, we have not only improved on the way we service our clients, but we have improved dramatically on the way we handle and treat our staff. We provide an environment which is professional, nurturing and dynamic. Being community minded and constantly growing, we always have lots of job opportunities.

A job at Danterr would mean an opportunity to work with some of the largest clients in the concrete and construction industry. We provide the necessary training and resources in order to help you develop your professional career.

If you feel as though you have the necessary qualities and attitude to be a part of our fantastic team, please send your Resume and CV to and we’ll get back in contact with you!