3D Print your concrete house in just a few hours

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Shanghai in China has taken 3D Printing and Green 3D Printing to a whole new level, building in excess of 10 homes per day using the printer.

While it will take some time before 3D Printing of homes comes to Australia due to our strict construction requirements that ensure buildings stay up long after the completion date, it certainly isn’t as far off as it would seem.

In China, they are printing 10 homes a day, and it is inexpensive, environmentally friendly, lacks the hazardous situations that employees may face while building homes, shortens construction time and allows for the building to come in all shapes and sizes.

The concrete is a combination of cement and glass fibre, and truly gives architects the ability to be more creative and take their designs right to the edge.

Australian home owners are concerned and rightfully so, as it is believed that with 3D printing of homes, the prices will dramatically fall, and it will completely disrupt the building and construction industries.

Danterr has not only investigated its future with concrete 3D buildings, but is keep an eye on the developments and will definitely look to play a leading role when finally this technology meets the specifications of the building and construction industries.