An Ode to the Holiday Season

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An Ode to the Holiday Season

An Ode to the Holiday Season

The 21st century digital version is here to watch and hear… and for those who enjoy a good read, please scroll down and have a wonderful holiday season from everyone here at Danterr.

Christmas time at Danterr is here
Whisky for some, but for most it’s beer
The office is slow and your sales reps are vacationing out of site
But rest assured, we can still get you your Hydrotite
Flick an email to our sales address
And this now we must confess…

Come day 3 of the Sydney New Year’s Test
We will be back on the phones and doing our best
It will be then your pending order we of course can fulfil
Whether it be for Hy-Rib, VoidX™, Spacers of Pecafil
Be happy, don’t and stress, and of certainly don’t pout
As you never know when you might need some super high-strength Pagel Grout
Or VectorFill™, FutureFlex™, Shims or Tie Wire

Just kick back, relax because it is you the buyer we admire
We will all be back on the job in a few days
Perhaps, maybe odds-on, we will still be in a bit of a haze
However our dedication to you our clients will never be stopped
Let’s hope buy now old ‘Sandpaper Warner’ has been dropped
Call, email or Facebook us

We will return your note with a minimum of fuss
At Danterr about YOU we care care care
Whether you are building a tunnel, dam, bridge or need just one bar chair.

No Holiday cheer is complete without a quick listen / watch OF THE BELOW.
Enjoy and be safe!

An Ode to the Holiday Season