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Australian geological data available for public consumption regarding Australian soils, shows that certain areas can be classified as being unsuitable to sustain loading from heavy structures. Concrete fractures occur though a ground swell / rising of certain clays, soil disturbances and movement.

The surface of the earth changes and VoidX™ is here to protect the bottom of concrete slabs from these naturally occurring events.

Many areas in Australia are unsuitable to simply be loaded with heavy structures without some form of engineered insurance policy. This is where VoidX™ is deployed to allow for movement both negative and lateral by creating a void between the ground and the bottom of the slab thus absorbing and absolving all naturally occurring earth functions.

VoidX™ is degradable, sacrificial void form with an internal expanded paper honeycomb core with face sheets glued top and bottom.

VoidX™ enthusiastically takes up moisture to allow decomposition thus producing a void. It will support the weight of traffic during construction as well as during reinforcement. VoidX™ will support wet concrete until it gains enough strength to become self-supporting. VoidX™ separates slabs and ground beams from unbalanced expansive soils. Over time VoidX™ will break down by the absorption of moisture, soil bacteria and pests thus creating a void beneath the slab or beam.


  • Load bearing capacity – 3 Tonne per/m2
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High load capacity when dry
  • Light weight and easy to install
  • Fully glued units are easy to cut with a hand saw on site to facilitate installation
  • Can be stacked to achieve greater void depths
  • No assembly required
  • Can be used to displace concrete where weight and costs are a consideration

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