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Danterr VectorFill™

Danterr VectorFill™

VectorFill™ is Danterr’s variety of Bitumen Impregnated Fibreboard that is used as an expansion joint filler. VectorFill™ is the perfect material to form and fill expansion joints in in-situ and pre-cast concrete construction.
VectorFill™ is manufactured from superior calibre, slow maturing fibres which are bitumen impregnated and compounded into a compressible non-extruding board.

VectorFill™, when used as a joint filler for floors, paving or airport runways, is inaugurated 10mm less the elevation of the concrete surface. This allows the joints to be filled subsequent to the surface elevation with a proper sealant.

VectorFill™ can withstand repeated cycles of expansion and compression without extruding and will recover to >75% thickness following compression. With its low-moisture absorption and the fact it is virtually unaffected by temperatures changes, VectorFill™ is the clear joint filler of choice for high pedestrian areas.

• Extremely durable
• Good aging properties
• Does not extrude when compressed
• Easy to handle

• Does not bleed
• Light
• Extremely easy to use
• Easy to cut to required sizes


• Concrete pavements
• Concrete floors
• Concrete roads and ramps
• Airport runways
• Pedestrian areas
• Concrete retaining walls and bridges
• Concrete basement structures and subways