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Happy Holidays

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This year at Danterr as to get into the Christmas spirit, we gave away some Aussie-made Kookaburra cricket bats; a much better Christmas promotion than your standard pens, mousepads, and hats!

From Friday this week, our staff will just be reduced to just a skeleton crew, but we are still here if the need arises to serve you.

If you have an inquiry relating to our range, simply fill out the form, and we will get back to you before your new Christmas socks have even been worn.

Despite the hardship the 2020 has brought upon us, at Danterr, we can’t thank you our clients enough for your minimum of fuss.

It has been a weird 12 months, to say the least, but it’s Christmas time, so kick back and enjoy your feast.

Then come 4 January everything will be moving on as if we never stopped; it is then the infrastructure fast-track budget will be dropped.

And back to work, we will be as busy as the busiest bees, working off the Christmas tummy, the Box Day hangover and refreshed from a few extra zzzz

So from us here at Danterr, thank you for sticking with us through thick and thin – surely, with what has gone on, 2020 has been a win?

Enjoy your break and yell out if you must – you can rely on our reliants.

Because We will forever appreciate each and every one of you…


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