Is Off-Site Concreting The Future?

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When it comes to the building and construction industry, saving time and having the job finished on schedule is of the utmost importance. It’s important not to only the client, but as well to the contractor. In order to do achieve this, there are several strategies that a company may impose. Creating concrete for construction jobs off-site is one of these strategies. Not only does it save time in the construction phase but it can also attribute to a higher quality installation and increased customer satisfaction.

Why off-site concreting?

Off-site concreting has proven to be a method which is not only time saving, but also safe. It offers the clients an improved timescale and the jobs can be completed at a lower cost. Producing the concrete off-site allows for the contractor to effectively produce the size and type of concrete required for each job in an environment which is controlled and unaffected by external elements. For example, this work can be performed in a factory and so weather does not become a hindrance.

Another benefit can be seen in decreasing the amount of noise created on work sites. Having the job completed at a quicker rate means that less disturbances will be created for the neighbours.

Is it the future?

Definitely! Research tells us that more and more companies are starting to adopt methods of creating concrete off-site as oppose to doing it at the job site. Their reasons for this are a result of the companies wanting to improve work-place safety, decrease costs and improve efficiency in the production of certain types of concrete. However, saving time and improved customer satisfaction was at the top of their lists.

Proof that it’s more efficient?

It should be noted that McDonalds have adopted this method of off-site construction. They even set a record for constructing a restaurant and opening within 24 hours. This wouldn’t have been possible without producing most things off-site. They not only produced their concrete off-site but also other components of the building. Each year, McDonalds are implementing this method with more and more of their restaurants as they have seen the benefits which it can have.

When it comes to saving time, improving efficiency in construction services and decreasing costs, off-site concreting is a method which is being adopted by more and more construction companies and it’s easy to see why.