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We’re part of a generation that’s witnessing a construction renaissance. From towering skyscrapers and elevated railways to impressive bridges, aesthetic infrastructures dot urban landscapes worldwide, with Australia being no exception. Despite the progressive nature of these developments, it’s an open secret that the construction industry is among the most high-risk workplaces in Australia.

Nevosafe - Danterr Safety

According to recent data from Safe Work Australia, the past three years have seen about 25,000 workers in New South Wales alone injured on construction sites. Of these, 1,700 were left with permanent disabilities and sadly, 23 lost their lives due to unsafe work conditions. As we continue to push the boundaries of construction, we face the ongoing challenge of not just building new and innovative structures, but doing so while prioritising the safety of our workers.

Prioritising Safety with Danterr

As a leading company in Australia providing premium quality construction products, Danterr has always prioritised safety. Recognising that risks are inherent in construction, we believe that the safety and personal protection of employees against danger should be the paramount concern of every construction company. It is with this ethos that Danterr offers the Nevosafe™ Exposed Rebar Protection System.

Introducing Nevosafe™ and Nevosafe Plus

Nevosafe™ and Nevosafe Plus are unique rebar capping systems with steel reinforcement, exclusive to Danterr.

Nevosafe™ features include:

  • Designed for building sites, easily clipped onto the protruding ends of reinforcement bars
  • Provides fall protection for workers
  • Prevents potential impalement on exposed beams
  • Reusable and highly visible
  • Weather-resistant plastic
  • Secure and stable on all reinforcement diameters
  • Can be used in both horizontal and vertical positions

For situations where a 1m Nevosafe strip isn’t suitable, Danterr also offers Nevosafe™ Plus Reinforced Caps. These caps are:

  • Perfect for any rebar configuration
  • Available in two sizes: for rebar diameters of 6mm – 20mm and for rebar diameters of 20mm – 36mm
  • Robust and difficult to misplace compared to individual bar caps

Triple 7 Dust Suppression Plus: Ensuring a Healthy Work Environment

To combat the major hazard of dust in construction, Danterr is proud to introduce Triple 7 Dust Suppression Plus.

Triple 7 Dust Suppression Plus features:

  • Plant-based dust suppressant agent
  • Provides long-term dust control with a single application
  • Bonds dust particles to prevent them from breaking up
  • Safe for personnel and free from carcinogenic chemicals

Innovations in infrastructure and architecture are crucial for human progress, but they wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated efforts of construction workers. These individuals are the backbone of our development, and their safety and well-being must be a top priority for every construction company.

Safety Testing and Validation

At Danterr, we’re committed to thorough research and rigorous testing to ensure the effectiveness of our products. For instance, Nevosafe™ underwent comprehensive testing involving a 100kg sandbag dropped from a height of 3m to simulate a falling worker. In all tests, Nevosafe™ successfully prevented the sandbag from being impaled, affirming its readiness for use on any construction site.

Triple 7 Dust Suppression Plus has also undergone stringent tests. According to Safe Work Australia GHS 7, this material is not classified as hazardous. However, we always advise adherence to the following protective measures during product application:

  • Wear protective equipment to prevent skin and eye contamination.
  • Avoid inhalation of vapours or dust.
  • Collect and seal in properly labelled containers or drums for disposal.
  • If contamination of crops, sewer, or waterways has occurred, advise local emergency services.
  • Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place and out of direct sunlight.
  • Store away from foodstuffs, incompatible materials, and sources of heat and/or ignition.
  • Keep containers closed when not in use and check regularly for leaks.

Building a Safer Tomorrow with Danterr

By choosing Danterr’s state-of-the-art safety solutions, engineers and technical professionals not only align with a brand that values family spirit and commitment to excellence but also demonstrate their dedication to protecting the people who make their vision a reality.

Partner with Danterr and elevate the construction industry to new heights, prioritising safety and well-being for all involved.

Ready to prioritise safety on your construction site?