SACRAFORM™ Product Release

“It’s been a brilliant product. [The] Engineers love it”

Danterr has been working hard in 2022 to provide its customers with a new formwork product from their exclusive range. Sacraform™ as it suggests in the name, is a type of sacrificial formwork often requested by clients of Danterr. This formwork can be used in a variety of projects for many different applications.

Sacraform™ is a preformed formwork system that incorporates mesh and plastic to create a strong and reliable base for various structural elements under slab. Sacraform™ can be used to create safety and site privacy screens, footings, ground beams, cages, penetrations and much more.

Sacraform™ can also be used as temporary fencing for difficult site areas and odd-shaped site entrances and exits.

During the trial run of Sacraform™ Danterr exhausted their popular sizes twice over, proving the product is both in demand and popular amongst Tier 1, 2 and 3 contractors.

Danterr have been involved in several large sacrificial formwork projects in the past and since creating the Sacraform Sacrificial Formwork brand, the product has received great feedback from contractors, purchasing and engineers alike.

Early in the process Danterr worked with MJ Baker Builds to provide them with Sacraform for their residential site. The team had some deeper than usual trenches to pour but the constant rain in NSW was proving a challenge for traditional formwork. After supplying the team with both flat and preformed sheets they set about creating their trenches.

“It’s so quick and easy, all the inspectors loved it and didn’t have a problem. We were planning to use it due to the amount of rain we’ve been having and if we didn’t get the concrete in today it would drain the water. It went in so quick we had concrete by 1pm.” – Callum, MJ Baker builds.

Danterr also worked with a key tier 3 company supplying them with 110 metres of product for pile caps on a road project. The pile caps were successful and the Sacraform Sacrificial Formwork along with other key accessories have been reordered since.

Danterr have now finished their unofficial soft launch of the product and invite the building and construction community to enquire about both flat and bent Sacraform™ in all sizes! They advise that they are excited for the opportunities that come with the products launch in August 2022.

“I am excited to have had part in this product launch from the research and development, manufacture right through to doing our quality control checks when the first container arrived at our Sydney warehouse. I believe the detail our team go to underpins our value that we are bringing top quality products to the Australian infrastructure market at very competitive prices. Danterr are here to assist you with all your sacrificial formwork and accessory requirements you have to complete your project! “ – Terry McWhirter, CEO of Danterr.

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