The Tuesday Aggregate | APRIL 16 2019


The Tuesday Aggregate | APRIL 16 2019

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The product consists of a special expanded metal mesh which is welded in between longitudinal and traverse steel bars. The result is a defection resistant element. Tests carried out by the Technical University of Brunswick (Germany) shows that the resistance of these construction joints to shear forces is identical to that for monolithic concrete. When using Stremaform® for bucket foundations the transferable shear forces are approximately 37% higher than with traditional indented joints.


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Offers significantly increased construction speed in forming stop-end formwork and concrete construction joints.

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Completely compatible with normal concrete techniques.

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A dimensionally stable system.

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Designed to be used in forming joints in concrete slabs, walls and bases.

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Comes complete with a fully detailed and design service.

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Fully compatible with many other connections, sealing and waterproof solutions.

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Dimensionally stable and designed to withstand concrete pressure during the pour.

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Elements precisely delivered to specifications for medium sized components – Stremaform flat Waterstops can be integrated if required.

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Suited for very thick components due to vertical bracing – Stremaform Strong. Elements are exactly shaped to the required size.

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Simple adjustments at construction site are possible.

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Expansion Joints

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Working Joints

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Controlled Crack Applications

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