The Tuesday Aggregate | APRIL 9


The Tuesday Aggregate | APRIL 9

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The unique rebar capping system complete with steel reinforcement, has landed at DANTERR. In the past, someone at a site would have to individually cap each exposed rebar. Yes, the steel capped individual protection points are still available, and are still relevant for certain jobs. But now employers can protect their employees in a much more efficient and effective fashion.

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The NEVOSAFE-PLUS® safety strip has been developed for the use on building sites. It is clipped on to the protruding ends of reinforcement bars as a transition to further layers of concrete. These are essential to preventing a falling worker from being impaled on an exposed beam.

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The objective of the investigation was to test the effectiveness of the safety strip. The strips were mounted on vertical reinforcement bars with diameters of 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16mm and at the spacing commonly used in actual practise. A 100kg sandbag was then dropped centrally from a hight of 3m to simulate a falling worker. In all tests, the sandbag was protected from being impaled. As a result, those strips successfully passed the assurance tests and were ready to be used on any construction site.

New release in stock now


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– Reusable
– Highly visible colour
– Easy and quick to use
– Weather resistant plastic
– Secure and robust – 100kg from a height of 3m
– Secure and stable on all reinforcement diameters
– Can be applied in horizontal and vertical positions

Stock has landed at DANTERR, the price is right, and to turn a horrific incident like this…
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…into an incident where a worker returns home to his family with a slightly sore back, enquire now!
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