The Tuesday Aggregate | AUG 6

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Great Wall of China

The Tuesday Aggregate | AUG 6

The Great Wall of China is difficult to comprehend. Think about this; it is physically impossible to photograph the entire Great Wall at one time. The official length of the Great Wall is 21,196.18 km – that is further than the distance from Jakarta in Indonesia to Bogota in Columbia.

There are an estimated 10 million handmade bricks that make the wall strong, but the real magic comes from the mortar that holds the bricks together. The mortar holding the Great Wall of China together is made of slacked lime, and… sticky rice!

Luckily, we have come a long way from the days of using sticky rice to hold things together. These days we have grout – and at DANTERRwe have Pagel High Strength Grout which is the highest performing cementitious product of the 21st century.

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