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The Tuesday Aggregate | Hy-Rib®


Hy-Rib® is primarily used in construction joint applications but is also usable in wall, beam, column and soffit slab constructions, where the formed surface will not be seen.

Hy-Rib® Sacrificial Expanded Metal Formwork greatly reduces surface preparation. When concrete is poured behind it, the angled tabs of the mesh become embedded producing a mechanical bond.


Using Hy-Rib®, subsequent joints are stronger than with a conventionally prepared joint and tests have confirmed well compacted concrete to both sides of
the Hy-Rib® joint.

Whether double faced, single faced, curved, lost formwork or underwater, Hy-Rib® gives considerable performance advantages, safety benefits (reduction of hand and arm injuries) and economic compensations over traditional formwork and joints.


Hy-Rib® reduces the pore water pressure in the design concrete pressure normally associated with conventional stop end materials.Hy-Rib® is left in place and forms an ideal surface for subsequent concrete.

Therefore, scabbling of the face is not necessary, thus limiting joint preparation so that reinforcement fixing continues efficiently. Can either be placed before or after the reinforcement is fixed.

Edge design allows for tight nesting of adjacent sheets.


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