The Tuesday Aggregate | March 24

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The Tuesday Aggregate | March 24

Yes, yes, we are living in a frightening time, but…

Maybe a small positive is that the current situation around the world is allowing us all to take ‘it’ a bit easier. We most likely, in the coming weeks will have more time to learn things by watching YouTube and reading blogs.
Check out this – it is terrifying, but worth a watch…

Above we have a demonstration of a bridge’s mortal enemies – Sheer, Resonance, Compression and Tension. These laws of physics of course are not optional when building a bridge, but they can be alleviated by using quality products during construction.

At Danterr we have products that help resist the above mentioned forces and keep bridges in the air including…

PLEASE CONTACT DANTERR regarding any of these products anytime. With Nationwide warehousing, we ensure optimal Lead Times on all products, especially those that keep bridges in the air!

Repelling Force