The Tuesday Aggregate | NOV 19

The Tuesday Aggregate | NOV 19

The Concept of

At DANTERR, we sell because we believe in what we sell and more so in WHY we sell.

Substandard dowels

Dams need to be sealed; bridges need to be in the air; and airport runways need to be smooth and strong – these are just some examples.

If we didn’t believe in why we sell, then substandard products might sneak into something that is designed to keep us safe.

Substandard dowels

Substandard dowels in an airport runway or less than perfect high strength grout hold a bridge in the ground.

We BELIEVE in the systems we have in place to distribute our quality products and keep up with demand. In fact, we BELIEVE we can satisfy demand.

We BELIEVE in our prices and we ALWAYS bring a fair price to market; a price that works for everybody.

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