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Screw Bolts

The Tuesday Aggregate | Screw Bolts

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Screw Bolts… With Built in Anchors!

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2530 years ago, a bloke named Archimedes came up with a device that entailed a revolving unit inside a cylinder. It could be turned by hand and transfer water from the belly of a ship back into the ocean. Eventually Archimedes used this device to pump a low-lying body of water into irrigation canals.

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This invention was also the FIRST SCREW; the little things we used every day.


Single-unit, screw-type anchors that are used in solid concrete applications. As the bolt is screwed in, it creates its own undercut by tapping the concrete hole using specialised thread indentations.

In addition, serration on the underside of the flange head gives superior grip to the anchor point.

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