The Tuesday Aggregate Special | 21 JAN 2020

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The Tuesday Aggregate Special | 21 JAN 2020


Rebar Cutters are powered by electricity – electricity that is generated by giant blades ROTATING on a wind turbine (wind power for the sake of this argument).

Rebar Cutters’ electric motors harness electrical current that produces… 

ROTATION thus powering the hydraulics which cuts the reo – reo incidentally that is made up of hot-rolled round bars that are ROTATED in unison to produce strong bar.
Rebar Cutters

These fantastic machines come in a variety of sizes and can cut most common reo diameters.

by the way, every concreter should have one of these, and mention The Tuesday Aggregate, we will send the machine out to you with a…
De revolutionibus orbium coelestium

In 1543 Nicolaus Copernicus penned his masterpiece De revolutionibus orbium coelestium – summing up, this book was titled On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres, and Copernicus had proven the earth rotates around the sun. Based on Copernicus’ equations, astrophysicists have determined the sun is part of 300 million stars that make up the Milky Way, the Milky Way is rotating around a massive black hole, and the black hole is moving outward in line with universal expansion – while rotating!

Can you imagine trying to prove that the earth revolves around the sun and doing it without the internet!