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The Tuesday Aggregate | The Tyranny of Distance

The Tyranny of Distance

We might be still in lock down, and we might not be able to celebrate ANZAC Day in the traditional fashion. We might not just yet be at the end of Coivid-19, but surely, we are at the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end. Either way it is a time to be positive!

During this crisis, one of the most common questions we have been asked is about our lead times. In fact, it a common question at the best of times! At DANTERR, we understand the tyranny of distance better than most.

The Tyranny of Distance is a phrase coined by author Goffrey Blainey who detailed how being so far away from everyone else has shaped us as Australians. However, as Australians, while most of us live in just a few geographic locations, the distance between us is often vast.

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Consider this… from the coal loading port of Newcastle in NSW, to the iron ore port of Port Headland in WA, it is bang on 5,000km. The longest trip in Europe – from Lisbon in Portugal, to Moscow in Russia, encompassing Spain, France, Luxemburg, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and Belarus is just under 4,600km.

The Tyranny of Distance

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