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Tie wire, an indispensable component in construction, ensures the structural integrity and longevity of projects. Its role, though seemingly minor, is paramount in reinforcing concrete structures, making the choice of tie wire crucial for engineers and architects.

Danterr Tie Wire

Understanding the Vital Role of Tie Wire

Tie wire is a durable, pliable steel wire used extensively to secure reinforcing bars (rebar) in concrete structures. This ensures that the rebar stays in place, providing the necessary tension and structural integrity once the concrete sets.

Why Choose Danterr’s Tie Wire?

Danterr offers high-quality solutions designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern construction projects. Our product is engineered for exceptional strength and durability, available in both stainless steel and galvanized options to combat corrosion and extend the service life of structures.

Exceptional Corrosion Resistance

Danterr’s stainless steel and galvanized options offer superior protection against corrosion, particularly from chloride ions—making them the perfect choice for water-surmounting structures or environments prone to moisture.

Versatile Thickness Options

The product comes in thicknesses of 1.4 & 1.57mm, catering to a wide range of construction needs and ensuring compatibility with various rebar sizes.

Enhanced Structural Durability

By reducing the need for concrete cover and offering exceptional hold and tension, it contributes to the improved durability and longevity of construction projects, minimizing maintenance and repair needs.

Danterr’s Product Offerings

Danterr prides itself on providing a variety of tie wire products to suit every construction need:

Black Tie Wire is known for its raw steel composition, making it highly flexible and adaptable for a variety of construction needs. Its main appeal lies in its cost-effectiveness, making it an excellent choice for projects with tight budgets. Ideal for indoor applications, this type of tie wire is commonly used for securing internal rebar structures where exposure to harsh environmental conditions is minimal. However, it’s important to note that while black tie wire is practical and versatile, it does not offer the same level of corrosion resistance as its galvanized or stainless steel counterparts. This makes it best suited for projects where moisture and corrosive elements are not a significant concern.

Galvanised Tie Wire features a protective zinc coating that significantly enhances its resistance to rust and corrosion. This additional layer acts as a barrier against moisture and chemical exposures, making galvanized tie wire particularly well-suited for outdoor construction projects or environments prone to corrosive elements. The zinc coating not only extends the lifespan of the wire but also maintains its structural integrity over time. Ideal for applications ranging from securing external rebar frameworks to fencing and supports, galvanized tie wire is a staple in projects that demand durability and longevity in the face of environmental challenges.

Stainless Steel Tie Wire stands out for offering the highest level of corrosion resistance, attributed to its alloy composition that includes elements such as chromium and nickel. This type is engineered for use in the most demanding projects, where exposure to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and high moisture levels is expected. Stainless steel tie wire is indispensable in projects with stringent durability requirements, such as marine constructions, chemical plants, and coastal buildings. Its superior strength and resistance to corrosion ensure that structures remain secure and intact for extended periods, significantly reducing the need for maintenance and replacement.

Available Products and Specifications

  • 10x Handy Coil 1.57mm x 95m – Black, for general-purpose use.
  • 640 (pallet buy) x Handy Coil 1.57mm x 95m – Black, for large-scale projects.
  • 10x Handy Coil 1.57mm x 95m – Galvanised, for enhanced corrosion resistance.
  • 10x Handy Coil 1.57mm x 90m – Stainless Steel, for the utmost in durability and corrosion protection.


We offer 1.4 & 1.57mm thicknesses, providing options for various project requirements.

Our product is manufactured for high tensile strength, ensuring it can securely hold rebar in place under significant weight and tension.

While standard tie wire can rust, Danterr’s galvanized and stainless steel options are designed to resist corrosion and extend the service life of construction projects.

Trust Danterr for Your Construction Needs

Danterr’s Tie Wire is more than just a product; it’s a solution designed to enhance the integrity and longevity of your construction projects. With options tailored to resist corrosion and provide strong, reliable support, Danterr is committed to delivering quality and innovation in construction materials.

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