Why are engineers still choosing hydrotite

Why are engineers still choosing Hydrotite? Everything you need to know! By Noraine G. Puengan

Are you looking for a rubber waterstop for your structural project? Then Hydrotite is the waterstop for you.

Why are engineers still choosing Hydrotite?
First things first, what is Hydrotite?

Danterrs Hydrotite is a hydrophilic chloroprene rubber waterstop. In a nutshell, it is a glue-like waterstop that binds to concrete structures to keep construction dry and free from water damage. It is made up of water-attracting materials and mixture of rubber which is non-toxic and non-hazardous to the operator.

Why do engineers choose Hydrotite?

Hydrotite has been commonly used in construction for years. This is all possible because of Hydrotite’s ability to hold, expand and prevent water from spreading throughout the joint.

Hydrotite is heavily used in the civil infrastructure industry and is great for structures that require flexibility when applying a waterstop to the joins. This can be best seen in the application of Hydrotite to a culvert in a bridge project.

High Expansion Capacity

Hydrotites excellent ability to hold a huge amount of water when a joint becomes ponded is the reason many engineers specify the product when creating requirements for waterproofing on site.

Hydrotite can swell by up to 8 times its size when in contact with moisture. Its high expansion capacity accommodates for future joint movement while the delay coating allows for any site pour to be completed or joint to be sealed before expansion. Should the product encounter water it is advised there is at least a 100mm cover for expansion.

When met with water, due to its hydrophilic properties, Hydrotite rubber waterstop spreads evenly resulting in an even expansion in the joint ensuring a water-tight seal.

Hydrotite can be installed in wall joints, tunnels or bridges or even attached in pipes passing through concretes. Proving Hydrotite is the premium option for flexibility and ease of use in construction, especially in waterproofing concretes.

What are the benefits of Hydrotite?
What are the benefits of Hydrotite?

An essential part of Hydrotites popularity in construction revolves around not only its quality, but also the ease and convenience in which it can be installed. This inadvertently makes life on site a little more efficient due to the classic roll-out and stick method Hydrotite has.

While Hydrotite alone can act as a premium waterstop, it can also be made a waterproofing system with Leakmaster – a gun-grade polyurethane waterstop, applied with a simple caulking gun.

Other Benefits for Hydrotite can be found on the Hydrotite page, just press the button below!

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