Australia’s Biggest Public Transport Project – Sydney Metro

Australia’s Biggest Public Transport Project – Sydney Metro Sydney Metro is Australia’s biggest ever public transport project. From 2024, when Sydney Metro is extended into the Sydney CBD, a metro rail will expand from the cities booming North West region (one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the world), under the depths of perhaps the most famous harbour in the Southern Hemisphere, through to new underground stations in the CBD, and beyond to the South West corridor.

This massive undertaking will allow for 200 trains an hour to run (similar numbers to Paris, London and New York) and will have a potential to move 40,000 people per hour. Danterr – Entrenched in Stage 2 Stage 2 of the Sydney Metro is the construction of a 30km extension of metro rail from the end of the Sydney Metro Northwest (this line currently ends at Chatswood on the north side of Sydney Harbour) to the CBD, then onto Bankstown in Sydney’s south west. This involves tunneling under Sydney Harbour, the construction of seven new metro stations, and the upgrading of 11 existing stations. Sydney Metro Tunnel Danterr is thrilled to be part of a new generation, world-class, fast, safe and reliable metro service. When complete Sydney Metro will easily connect customers to where they want to go. When services start (2019), customers will no longer need timetables – they’ll just turn up and go with a train every four minutes during peak times. Futurist technology will keep customers connected at all stages of their journey, with detailed travel apps guiding customers from home, to the station, onto the train, the to their destination. This approach will help customers achieve their daily tasks, whether it’s getting to work, meetings, school or education, sport, a day out or running errands and of course, getting home. This is Australia’s biggest ever public transport project, and Danterr couldn’t be prouder to be part of this mammoth endeavor. To ensure Sydney Metro keeps moving, Danterr have supplied dozens of different products – check out this list, that both demonstrates the huge realm of products needed to build Australia’s biggest public transport project, as well as Danterr’s sphere of expertise… Regarding concrete joining systems, the Sydney Metro has engaged Danterr to source bitumen board, both galvanized and stainless dowels, dowel cradles, backing rod, expansion foam and a variety of joint sealants. Hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of spacers will be used on the Sydney Metro. Danterr have been quite driven in supplying a good percentage of these; concrete aspros, plastic bar chairs, metal bar chairs and plastic shims are one of our specialties and will contribute to the delivery of Sydney Metro. The amount of grout and epoxies used in major rail works, and indeed tunneling is astounding. Danterr have provided a wide array of grout products to Sydney Metro and our grout is only of the highest quality, expertly sourced from wherever the best is available. Danterr have too provided the unique Nevosafe rebar protection system to protect the workers on Sydney Metro… Then, like most major infrastructure projects Sydney Metro has required reinforcing stock bars, reinforcing mesh, many kilometers of tie wire, screws, drill bits, threaded rod, bolts and nuts, de-bonding foam tubes, expansion caps, builders’ film, curing compounds, bond breaker chemicals, formatubes, pile cage wheels and feet, polystyrene, rubber bearing strips, denso tape, formply, fiberglass rod, mechanical rebar couplers, strip drain and a variety of klemmfix products. Sydney Metro needs a near unquantifiable amount of work and products required to be delivered on time as to service the transport needs of Sydney, a city fast approaching a population of seven million people. While the above reads almost like a Danterr catalogue, this is only a small percentage of what we can provide, and what Sydney Metro needs. We couldn’t be prouder at Danterr to be part of Australia’s biggest public transport project, and whatever Sydney Metro needs, we will source with 100% commitment and passion. displays our sphere of expertise. Enquire about any product anytime Free Call – 1800 257 287 Email –

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