Moorebank Logistics Park – 1.5 million containers must go somewhere

Moorebank Logistics Park – 1.5 million containers must go somewhere Moorebank Logistics Park is a significant infrastructure development that will transform the way containerised freight moves through Port Botany to the rest of Australia. Danterr is near-on obsessed with all projects that reduce congestion on our nation’s roads, and the Moorebank Intermodal may well be the biggest contributor to this endeavour that Danterr are currently involved with. At Danterr, we are currently and ongoingly supplying the following to this project…

  • Rugasol C
  • Form Oil
  • Formwork Accessories
  • Concrete Aspros
  • Concrete rail spacers
  • Tie Wire
  • Curing compounds / retardants
  • Hydrotite
  • Cork self-expanding T3

At full operation, the facility will have the capacity to shuttle on average 3,100 shipping containers daily between Port Botany and Moorebank by rail instead of road. This will take about 3,000 heavy truck movements off Sydney’s road network every day. The interstate terminal will be able to move by rail an additional 500,000 containers to and from interstate and regional centres, removing thousands of existing long haulage truck journeys.

With Australia on the grow, it is forecast that the amount of freight moving through Port Botany will more than double by 2031, significantly increasing the pressure on the Sydney road network, given the high proportion of containers currently transported by truck rather than train.

Moorebank Logistics Park

Moving more freight by rail, rather than by road, is a key part of the Danterr difference, and with a multitude of products sourced and supplied to this fundamentally significant project, Danterr can say with pride that we are doing all we can to reduce the chance that the everyday person will be stuck behind a truck on a highway! Free Call – 1800 257 287 Email –

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