Relief All-Round – The Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal Project

Relief All-Round – The Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal Project The Victorian Government is removing nine dangerous and congested level crossings and rebuilding five stations along Melbourne’s busiest train line, the Cranbourne-Packenham line and Danterr couldn’t be prouder being along for the ride. At Danterr we have already / will in the future provide this project with rail bolts / sheet connectors, expansion foam, sealants and epoxies, cardboard and polystyrene void formers, shims, grout, key joints and bearing pads just to name a few. It is of little wonder at Danterr that we have been sourced to provide such a wide array of products for this monumental project. The level crossing removal project is essential – beyond essential if such a thing exists! Boom gates in this area can be down for up to 87 minutes during the two-hour morning peak, crippling the road network, dividing communities and putting safety at risk. There is nothing more frightening than approaching a crossing in congestion and becoming stuck on the lines when you felt the coast was clear to cross – if the gates are coming down and this happens a very preventable fatality is awaiting. Getting rid of these relics of the past will improve safety and reduce congestion.

To do this, CPB and Lendlease, along with the hundreds of civil engineers, site managers, and of course Danterr, need to separate the roads from the tracks, and the way to do this is to elevate the track. At Danterr, we are market leaders in supplying the products that elevate concrete and as such, this is probably one of the projects we are the proudest of being part of. The innovative and modern design will remove the barrier between communities and create 225,000 square metres of linear park – equivalent to 12 MCGs.

With new community spaces and parklands and new car parking, the existing rail corridor will be opened up to the community and transformed into a vibrant public space that will include a new pedestrian and bicycle network and include up to seven new community activity spaces.

Using products expertly sourced and supplied by Danterr, the innovative design significantly reduces the impact of construction. The new rail line can be constructed while trains are still running, greatly minimising the impact on both road and rail users.



The elevated rail allows for new car parking to be introduced across the whole project corridor, including over 300 car parks around Clayton Station. There is a lot of air, but only a minimal amount of ground in any suburban setting, so it only makes sense, when we can, to put things in the air thus making room on the ground. The design will reduce the overall noise from trains; it will deliver a more reliable train service with a 42 per cent increase in capacity. In helping to remove these nine level crossings, build five new stations, and open communities, Danterr is proud to say the overall result of this mammoth project will reduce traffic congestion, improve safety and improve the way in which we live. All rail projects, especially those where the line is elevated, need a huge number of products to keep things ticking over. With the rail line being elevated, a lot of open space is exposed for pubic use. For the level crossing removal project this area won’t just be grass, weeds and mud, but rather perfectly groomed gardens, footpaths, bike paths, and any number of things that require concrete, construction and a huge array of different products to assist in this redevelopment. displays our sphere of expertise. Enquire about any product anytime Free Call – 1800 257 287 Email –

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