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Hornsdale Wind Farm

Nestled in the heart of South Australia, the Hornsdale Wind Farm emerges not just as a cornerstone of renewable energy but as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in sustainability. Developed through the strategic partnership of Neoen, CATCON, John Laing, and Megawatt Capital Investments, this project symbolises a significant leap forward in our journey towards a greener future.

A Vision of Sustainable Power

Hornsdale Wind Farm

Initiated in August 2015 and reaching full commission by 2017, the Hornsdale Wind Farm, with its 99 turbines generating a total capacity of 316 MW, is a marvel of modern engineering and environmental foresight. This significant renewable energy project, located north of Jamestown in South Australia, underscores the importance of renewable energy for local use and integration into the national grid.

Siemens’ cutting-edge Direct Drive technology, pivotal in the design of the wind turbines, marks a milestone in reducing maintenance costs and enhancing clean energy production efficiency. The turbines, soaring with a hub height of more than 90 metres and blades measuring 55 metres in length, are a beacon of technological advancement in renewable energy.

CATCON’s Role in Hornsdale Wind Farm’s Success

The expertise of CATCON in the construction phase of the Hornsdale Wind Farm showcases the seamless integration of innovative engineering and environmental stewardship. Their contribution was crucial in laying the foundation for a project that not only powers homes but also powers progress.

Hornsdale Wind Farm’s Broader Impact on Energy and Community

Generating approximately 1.05 million MWh of clean, renewable electricity annually, the Hornsdale Wind Farm has made significant contributions to the local economy and environment, supplying energy to around 180,000 homes, creating over 250 jobs during construction, and continuing to provide employment opportunities. It exemplifies the potential of renewable energy projects to contribute to South Australia’s ambitious $10 billion low-carbon investment target and 50% renewable energy goals by 2025.

The project also emphasises community engagement, offering up to $120,000 per year for local initiatives, reflecting a deep commitment to the communities involved.

The Path to Renewable Resilience

As the Hornsdale Wind Farm sets a precedent for future renewable projects, it showcases the integral role of sustainable practices in our energy infrastructure. This project is more than a renewable energy venture; it’s a blueprint for the future, emphasising innovation, community, and sustainability.

Danterr’s Commitment to Renewable Projects

Danterr’s involvement in the Hornsdale Wind Farm project is a testament to our dedication to supporting sustainable initiatives. Beyond Hornsdale, Danterr has been instrumental in various other wind farming projects across Australia, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to renewable energy and sustainable development.

Danterr’s Support for Hornsdale Wind Farm and Other Renewable Projects

Over the last 10-15 years, Danterr has played a crucial role in supporting numerous community-based wind farming projects across Australia. Our contributions have spanned from Victoria to Tasmania and New South Wales, showcasing our commitment to renewable energy and sustainable development. Notable projects include:

  • The Macarthur Wind Farm in Victoria, with construction by Leighton Contractors, stands as a testament to our commitment to supporting large-scale renewable initiatives.
  • The Musselroe Bay Wind Farm in Tasmania, brought to completion with the expertise of Hazel Bros, benefited from our reliable supply of construction materials and equipment.
  • The Snow Town Wind Farm Phase 2 and The Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm in Victoria, both completed by CATCON, along with The Hornsdale Wind Farm phases 1-3, highlight our ongoing partnership with Catcon in driving forward the wind energy sector.
  • The Boco Rock Wind Farm in NSW and The Ararat Wind Farm in Victoria, successfully completed by SMB Civil, further exemplify our extensive involvement in facilitating renewable energy projects.

Through these collaborations, Danterr has not only contributed to the growth of renewable energy in Australia but also supported the communities involved, reinforcing our dedication to a sustainable and energy-efficient future.

Conclusion: The Future is Renewable

The Hornsdale Wind Farm represents more than just a step towards renewable energy; it’s a giant leap for environmental sustainability, community engagement, and technological innovation. As Danterr moves forward, we remain committed to supporting projects that not only provide clean energy but also empower communities and pave the way for a sustainable future. For partnership inquiries or more information on how we can support your renewable energy projects, contact us at or call 1800 262 383

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