Systems Connect Line-wide Tunnel Fit-Out: A Milestone Project for Sydney Metro 2

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The Systems Connect Line-wide Tunnel fit-out project represents a transformative venture within the Sydney Metro City & Southwest initiative, marking a significant phase in the expansion of Sydney’s metro network. This ambitious project, facilitated by the unincorporated joint venture between CPB Contractors and UGL Engineering, known as Systems Connect, aims to convert the excavated tunnels into a fully operational railway line. With a strategic focus on enhancing the efficiency and reliability of Sydney’s metro services, the project is a cornerstone in the broader scheme of Sydney Metro 2, promising to redefine urban mobility in Australia’s largest city.

Project Overview

Key Details

The Systems Connect Line-wide Tunnel fit-out project is a monumental task with a budget of $1.376 billion, reflecting the significant investment required to bring this vision to life​​. The project embarked on a comprehensive journey beginning with tunnel construction activities scheduled from early 2018 and aiming for completion with all systems tested and commissioned by mid-2024​​. This timeline underscores the project’s complexity and the meticulous planning involved in ensuring its success.

Central to this venture are CPB Contractors and UGL Engineering, operating under the Systems Connect banner. Their collaboration leverages local expertise that has contributed to major rail and road tunnel infrastructure projects across Australia, as well as international experience from benchmark transportation systems in Hong Kong and Taiwan. This blend of local and global knowledge ensures the project’s execution aligns with world-class standards, setting a new benchmark for metro services.

Danterr’s Involvement

Danterr has played a crucial role in the Systems Connect Line-wide Tunnel fit-out project by supplying key construction materials essential for its success. The company’s contributions include:

  • Custom Expansion Joints for the SMTF Track Slab, showcasing Danterr’s capability to exceed industry standards and provide custom solutions tailored to the project’s unique requirements.
  • Hydrotite, a cutting-edge sealing solution employed for its excellent adhesion to concrete surfaces and its innovative design that ensures maximum seal and long-term joint integrity.
  • Cork Self-Expanding T3, utilised for expansion joints in tunnel track slabs, demonstrating Danterr’s commitment to supplying products that meet the dynamic needs of such a large-scale infrastructure project.
  • Connolly Crack Inducers, which are integral to controlling cracking in concrete slabs, ensuring the structural integrity of the tunnel tracks.
  • Various Fasteners & Custom Plates for the mechanical and electrical fit-out in the tunnels, further illustrating Danterr’s diverse range of high-quality supplies catering to complex project demands.

Danterr’s involvement underscores the importance of specialised, high-quality construction materials in achieving the ambitious goals of the Systems Connect Line-wide Tunnel fit-out project. Their products not only meet but exceed the industry standards, contributing significantly to the project’s overall success and the future reliability of the Sydney Metro City & Southwest services.

Impact on Commuters


The Systems Connect Line-wide Tunnel fit-out project is poised to significantly enhance the daily travel experience for Sydney’s commuters. By integrating advanced line-wide systems into the Sydney Metro City & Southwest, the project promises a substantial uplift in the efficiency, reliability, and capacity of the metro service. Commuters can look forward to a “turn-up-and-go” service, with metro trains running every four minutes during peak times. This improvement means less waiting time at stations and a more reliable service overall.

However, the path to these improvements may come with temporary disruptions. Construction activities, especially in densely populated urban areas, might lead to changes in current travel routes, temporary closures, or reduced service frequencies. Sydney Metro has been committed to minimising these disruptions, engaging with the community, and providing timely updates to ensure commuters can plan their travels accordingly.

Environmental Considerations

The environmental impact of large-scale infrastructure projects like the Systems Connect Line-wide Tunnel fit-out is a critical consideration. The project has incorporated several sustainability measures to mitigate adverse environmental effects. These include using energy-efficient technologies, minimising waste through recycling and reuse, and ensuring the careful management of construction activities to protect local ecosystems.

Particular attention has been paid to the selection of construction materials, with a focus on sustainability and minimising the carbon footprint. Danterr’s supply of eco-friendly materials like Hydrotite and Cork Self-Expanding T3 aligns with these goals by offering durable solutions that also consider long-term environmental sustainability.

Moreover, the project contributes to the broader objective of reducing Sydney’s reliance on private vehicles, thereby decreasing traffic congestion and lowering emissions over time. The expansion of the metro network encourages a shift towards public transport, aligning with global sustainability goals and the city’s vision for a greener future.

Understanding Line-wide Systems

Line-wide systems refer to the comprehensive network of infrastructure and technology that supports the operation of a metro system beyond the basic track and trains. This includes signalling systems, power supply, communications, trackwork, and control systems that ensure the safe, efficient, and reliable movement of trains. For the Systems Connect Line-wide Tunnel fit-out project, this encompasses the installation of 31 kilometres of underground railway track, overhead power equipment, and the integration of advanced signalling and communications technology.

The significance of line-wide systems in modern metro projects cannot be overstated. They are the backbone of any high-capacity metro service, enabling the implementation of automated, driverless trains, and facilitating real-time monitoring and management of the network. This technology ensures that Sydney Metro can offer a high-frequency, high-reliability service that meets the demands of a growing city.

In essence, line-wide systems are what transform a series of tunnels and stations into a fully functioning metro network. They are crucial for the Sydney Metro City & Southwest project, ensuring that the new infrastructure not only meets current needs but is also scalable for future expansion. This forward-thinking approach guarantees that Sydney’s metro system will remain at the cutting edge of public transport technology, providing a model for urban transit systems worldwide.

Future Plans for the Systems Connect Project

The Systems Connect Line-wide Tunnel fit-out project is a foundational component of the broader vision for Sydney’s metro expansion, setting the stage for future developments in public transportation within the city. As part of the Sydney Metro City & Southwest, this project lays the groundwork for seamless, high-capacity metro service across different parts of the city, connecting key areas with efficient and reliable public transport options.

Looking ahead, the Systems Connect project is expected to pave the way for further extensions of the Sydney Metro network. The focus will likely shift towards enhancing connectivity to new regions, improving accessibility, and integrating emerging technologies to continue elevating the commuter experience. Future phases may involve the expansion of metro services to Western Sydney, including the provision of direct links to the planned Western Sydney Airport, underscoring the project’s role in supporting the city’s growth and development.

Long-term objectives also include the adoption of sustainable practices and technologies to ensure that the metro network contributes to Sydney’s environmental goals. This includes reducing the city’s carbon footprint through increased use of public transportation and minimising the impact of construction and operational activities on the environment.


The Systems Connect Line-wide Tunnel fit-out project represents a significant milestone in the evolution of Sydney’s public transportation system. By enhancing the capacity, efficiency, and reliability of the metro service, this project is not just an infrastructure development; it’s a transformation that will have a lasting impact on how people move around the city. The collaboration between CPB Contractors, UGL Engineering, and other key stakeholders, including Danterr, has been instrumental in driving the project towards its goals. 

As the Systems Connect project moves towards completion, it promises to deliver a world-class metro system that will serve as the backbone of Sydney’s public transport network. The project’s focus on innovation, sustainability, and community engagement sets a benchmark for future infrastructure developments, not just in Sydney but globally. The anticipated benefits—reduced travel times, increased capacity, and a more sustainable mode of transportation—underscore the project’s significance in shaping the future of urban mobility in Sydney.

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