2nd Sydney Airport OneThe Northern Road Upgrade – Paving the way for a 2nd Sydney Airport One of the hottest topics in Sydney right now, particularly in the state Parliament, is how to capitalise on the economic benefits from developing the Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek – Sydney’s much needed 2nd airport. The first step is to build a road or in fact to upgrade around 35 kilometers of The Northern Road between The Old Northern Road, Narellan and Jamison Road, South Penrith from a generally two to four lane undivided road to a six to eight lane divided road. Like with many major infrastructure projects, Danterr is front and center, having supplied many different forms of concrete and construction accessories.

Northern Road upgrade map

The Northern Road upgrade will deliver new and upgraded roads to support integrated transport in the region and capitalise on the economic benefits from developing the Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek.

The upgrade will provide one of the main arterial transport corridors for the South West Growth Area and the Western Sydney Growth Area. The Northern Road upgrade will improve safety, increase road capacity and reduce congestion and travel times in the future.

Danterr is extremely proud to be part of this project having with an ongoing commitment to supply the likes of bitumen paint, tie wire, concrete aspros, and plastic bar chairs. At Danterr we too have supplied a variety of small tools and site consumables to the Northern Road upgrade, as well as expansion foam, backing rod, stainless dowels, bitumen board, and plastic shims. And not to be dismissed is the rapid set concrete, GP cement and builders’ film we also have sourced and delivered to the Northern Road upgrade. www.danterr.com displays our sphere of expertise. Enquire about any product anytime Free Call – 1800 257 287 Email – sales@danterr.com

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