The Northern Road Upgrade – Paving the way for a 2nd Sydney Airport

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Northern Road Upgrade Stage 3

The Northern Road in Western Sydney has undergone a major transformation, expanding to a four-lane divided highway with enhanced safety features and traffic flow. This crucial upgrade unlocks the region’s growth potential and paves the way for the Western Sydney Airport. Danterr is proud to have been a key supplier for this project, providing essential concrete and construction materials throughout its development.

The Northern Road Upgrade: A Comprehensive Transformation

The Northern Road Upgrade is a transformative project that has reshaped a vital 35-kilometre stretch of this essential route in Western Sydney, stretching from The Old Northern Road, Narellan to Glenmore Parkway, Glenmore Park.  As part of the $4.1 billion Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan (WSIP), this comprehensive upgrade has made the road safer, improved traffic flow, and prepared the region for future growth. Key features include:

  • Expanded Capacity: The Northern Road has been widened to four lanes in most sections, with central medians allowing for further expansion to six lanes if needed. This increased capacity is crucial for accommodating the region’s expanding population and businesses.
  • Safety Improvements: Thirteen signalised intersections (five of which are new), a continuous central median separating traffic, and dedicated turning lanes significantly enhance safety for motorists. Additionally, the project incorporated a shared path for pedestrians and cyclists, promoting alternative modes of transportation.
  • Reduced Travel Times: Optimised traffic flow, intersection upgrades, and additional lanes have drastically reduced commute times for residents and businesses. This saves time and lowers transportation costs, boosting productivity.
  • Western Sydney Growth: The Northern Road Upgrade is a catalyst for development within the South West and Western Sydney Growth Areas. With improved access, smoother traffic flow, and enhanced safety, the region becomes more attractive for businesses, residents, and investment.

Project Stages

Northern Road Upgrade Completed Map

Stage 1: Old Northern Road to Peter Brock Drive

The Northern Road upgrade enhances Western Sydney’s transport network, preparing for the economic growth spurred by the new Airport. This 3.3 km stage between The Old Northern Road and Peter Brock Drive improves safety, capacity, and travel times.

Stage 2: Northern Road & Bringelly Road Upgrades

The Northern Road and Bringelly Road upgrades transform Western Sydney’s transport ahead of the new Airport. Expect safer, less congested roads with increased capacity over a combined 15.6 km stretch, including a new interchange.

Stage 3: Glenmore Parkway to Jamison Road

The Northern Road upgrade supports the Western Sydney Airport and enhances regional connections. This 4 km section between Glenmore Parkway and Jamison Road offers improved safety, increased capacity, and reduced travel times.

Stage 4: Between Mersey Road, Bringelly and Eaton Road, Luddenham | Stage 5: Between Littlefields Road, Luddenham and Glenmore Parkway, Glenmore Park | Stage 6: Between Eaton Road, Luddenham and Littlefields Road, Luddenham

The 16 km Northern Road upgrade between Mersey Road and Glenmore Parkway re-routes traffic, bypassing the Western Sydney Airport and Luddenham. The project was completed in three sections: Mersey Road to Eaton Road, Eaton Road to Littlefields Road, and Littlefields Road to Glenmore Parkway.

Danterr’s Contributions

Danterr played a key role in the successful completion of the Northern Road Upgrade, ensuring seamless project progress through our reliable supply of essential construction materials. Our products have been used to create durable road surfaces, safe intersections, and other critical infrastructure elements. These include:

  • Bituminous Curing Compound: Danterr’s Evencure BCP Bituminous Curing Compound ensures optimal curing of concrete surfaces, maximising their strength and longevity, which is essential for heavy-traffic roadways.
  • Tie Wire Coils: Our tie wire coils were used for steel fixing and general fastening, providing secure reinforcement within the road’s concrete structures.
  • Concrete Aspros (Spacers): Danterr’s concrete aspros ensured the correct concrete cover over reinforcing steel, protecting it from corrosion and optimising the structural integrity of the road.
  • Plastic Bar Chairs: Our plastic bar chairs provide essential support for reinforcing bars, maintaining proper spacing and ensuring a strong and durable concrete base for the road.

Danterr: Your Partner for Western Sydney Infrastructure

The Northern Road Upgrade exemplifies the transformative infrastructure projects shaping Western Sydney’s future.  Danterr is committed to supporting this growth by providing the highest quality construction and concrete supplies and expertise.

Ready to power your next infrastructure project in Western Sydney? Let Danterr provide the concrete solutions and construction supplies you need. Get in touch today: 1800 262 383 or

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