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Danterr is honoured to play a pivotal role in Melbourne’s West Gate Tunnel Project. This transformative initiative, now over 70% complete, symbolizes our unwavering commitment to redefining transportation dynamics in Melbourne and setting benchmarks for the construction industry.

West Gate Tunnel

Major Developments

The West Gate Freeway, once one of Australia’s busiest motorways, is undergoing a noteworthy expansion. The new express lanes between the M80 and the West Gate Bridge are set to redefine vehicular movement, making commutes smoother and faster.

The twin tunnels, a cornerstone of the West Gate Tunnel Project, stand as a testament to infrastructural advancement. With the completion of over 4.5 kilometres of road deck and the installation of 2,000+ 24-tonne concrete segments, the magnitude of meticulous planning and precise execution comes to light.

Key milestones achieved:

  • All tunnelling works have concluded, marking the end of the twin Tunnel Boring Machines’ journey.
  • The colossal launching gantry crane above Footscray Road preps for its final lifts.
  • The tunnel’s entries and exits are steadily taking shape.

Partnerships and Innovations

CPB Contractors, in collaboration with Transurban and the Victorian Government, champion the West Gate Tunnel Project. Their introduction of Australia’s inaugural tunnel with an elevated road surface signifies a leap in infrastructural innovation.

The project’s expansive scope includes new tunnels beneath Yarraville, a bridge over the Maribyrnong River, and an elevated roadway along Footscray Road. These enhancements promise to streamline connectivity to pivotal zones like the Port of Melbourne and CityLink.

Danterr’s Product Contributions to the West Gate Tunnel Project

As the West Gate Tunnel Project progresses, the demand for top-tier construction products rises. Danterr, with its extensive product line, stands at the forefront in fulfilling these demands, ensuring the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Here’s a highlight of some key products from our portfolio that are instrumental for the West Gate Tunnel Project:

  • Sacrificial Formwork & Pecafil: Pioneering solutions that maintain concrete’s integrity during construction and beyond.
  • Spacers: Thousands have been deployed, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the desired concrete cover for reinforcements.
  • Debonding Tubes: Hundreds in use, these tubes are essential for allowing safe and effective movement within concrete structures.
  • Bitumen Board & Expansion Foam: Entrusted for filling extensive concrete joints, these products ensure durability and longevity.
  • Backing Rods, Grouts, Sealants & Waterstops: Integral elements ensuring the steadfastness and watertight nature of the structure.
  • Membranes & Builders’ Film: Vital for maintaining the concrete’s structural integrity and protecting it from external elements.
  • Denso Tape, Epoxy & Curing Compounds: Each plays a unique role, from sealing and bonding to ensuring the proper curing of concrete structures.

The West Gate Tunnel Project’s scale demands nothing short of excellence. From the smallest component to the most extensive requirement, Danterr has ensured a steady supply of top-grade products. The list is vast, showcasing our commitment to cater to every nuance of this monumental project.

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