Round Dowels

Product: Dowels – round, square or diamond dowels. Galvanized or Stainless. Structural grade friction cut dowels available in all required diameters and lengths.

  • All enquires on all dimensions and lengths can be accommodated
  • Black dowels available by bulk order

Product description: Dowels are placed in construction joints of concrete to ensure the transfer of load between individual slabs. Dowels allow horizontal movement of slabs during contraction after laying the concrete and at temperature changes. In addition, they prevent ‘steps’ together with different vertical slab movements during the life span of the poured concrete.

Danterr are an industry leader in the sourcing and delivery of high quality dowels in all cuts, shapes, diameters and finishes to any project Australia wide.

  • Full range of shrink wrap and plastic dowel sleeves available also. Please enquire via or Free Call 1800 262 383


  • Increased life span of concrete
  • Provide a life-long physical connection between slabs without restricting horizontal joint movement
  • Increase load transfer efficiency
  • Reduction of joint deflection and stress

Common Specifications:

  • All enquires on all dimensions and lengths can be acccommodated
  • Easy to cut to required sizes


Galvanised Dowels

Product CodeDescription
106856Dowel R16 x 300mm Galvanised
110278Dowel R16 x 350mm Galvanised
105192Dowel R16 x 400mm Galvanised
109284Dowel R16 x 600mm Galvanised
106108Dowel R20 x 300mm Galvanised
106109Dowel R20 x 400mm Galvanised
106995Dowel R20 x 450mm Galvanised
107370Dowel R20 x 600mm Galvanised
107229Dowel R20 x 700mm Galvanised
108358Dowel R20 x 800mm Galvanised
110754Dowel R24 x 350mm Galvanised
112837Dowel R24 x 400mm Galvanised
107323Dowel R24 x 450mm Galvanised
108062Dowel R24 x 600mm Galvanised
107068Dowel R28 x 240mm Galvanised
106488Dowel R28 x 400mm Galvanised
109336Dowel R28 x 450mm Galvanised
109695Dowel R28 x 600mm Galvanised
110626Dowel R30 x 240mm Galvanised
111064Dowel R30 x 450mm Galvanised
110127Dowel R30 x 600mm Galvanised
113773Dowel R32 x 300mm Galvanised
107069Dowel R32 x 450mm Galvanised
107910Dowel R36 x 450mm Galvanised
111281Dowel R36 x 600mm Galvanised

Stainless Dowels 304 Grade

Product CodeDescription
108534Dowel R16 x 300mm Stainless 304
111801Dowel R16 x 400mm Stainless 304
112340Dowel R16 x 1000mm Stainless 304
111020Dowel R20 x 280mm Stainless 304
107972Dowel R20 x 300mm Stainless 304
107473Dowel R20 x 400mm Stainless 304
107539Dowel R20 x 450mm Stainless 304
107540Dowel R20 x 600mm Stainless 304
113591Dowel R25 x 400mm Stainless 304
112435Dowel R25 x 450mm Stainless 304
112946Dowel R28 x 600mm Stainless 304
111724Dowel R28 x 800mm Stainless 304
111776Dowel R28 x 1000mm Stainless 304
110276Dowel R30 x 500mm Stainless 304
110984Dowel R30 x 600mm Stainless 304
110597Dowel R30 x 800mm Stainless 304
112327Dowel R36 x 450mm Stainless 304

Stainless Dowels 316 Grade

Product CodeDescription
113366Dowel R20 x 150mm Stainless 316
111284Dowel R20 x 400mm Stainless 316
111648Dowel R20 x 450mm Stainless 316
112897Dowel R20 x 500mm Stainless 316
111275Dowel R20 x 600mm Stainless 316
109501Dowel R20 x 800mm Stainless 316
110902Dowel R30 x 500mm Stainless 316
113429Dowel R30 x 600mm Stainless 316
111116Dowel R36 x 450mm Stainless 316
110919Dowel R36 x 500mm Stainless 316