Masking Tape

Our Masking Tape, sized at a convenient 48 mm x 50 m, is designed with professionals in mind. With its durable crepe paper design, this Masking Tape provides the reliability you seek.

Key Features:

  • Superior Adhesion: Equipped with a natural rubber adhesive, this Masking Tape ensures an immediate, lasting bond.
  • Construction-Ready: Ideal for holding, protecting, bundling, labelling, and streamlining painting processes on job sites.
  • User-Friendly: Tear and apply with ease; its superb transfer resistance guarantees a clean removal, every time.
  • Reliable Performance: Built for the rigours of construction, delivering consistent and dependable results.

From holding materials and protective masking to labelling zones and aiding in painting tasks, our 48 mm x 50 m Masking Tape is the go-to choice for varied construction activities.

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