Product Description: The RAPIDTOOL Industrial 4-25mm Electric Rebar Bender/Cutter, model CRBC-25, is a formidable combination unit designed for the rigorous demands of construction engineering. This innovative machine effortlessly bends and cuts up to 25mm rebar, offering both functionality and efficiency in a single tool. With a bending speed of under 2.5 seconds for a 90° angle and a broad bending capacity range of 6-25mm, the CRBC-25 ensures rapid execution of tasks without compromising on precision or safety.

Powered by a robust 220-240V AC, 50Hz single-phase electric motor, this unit has a bender power input of 1050W and a cutter power input of 1550W, making it a powerhouse for any construction site. Its controlled bending angle range of 0-180° and efficient, accurate cuts and bends demonstrate the machine’s superior performance. The inclusion of foot pedals and additional fixed bending pin diameters of 80mm/105mm enhances operational control and versatility.

Designed for both on-site and workshop environments, the CRBC-25 is compact yet powerful, with superior quality that increases both efficiency and safety.

Product Specifications

Model CRBC-25
Electric Motor Single Phase – 220-240V AC – 50Hz
Power Input (Bender) 1050W
Power Input (Cutter) 1550W
Net Weight 136kg
Max Bending Capacity 25mm – 650N/mm2
Min Bending Capacity 6mm
Bending Angle 0-180°
Bending Pin Diameter 80mm/105mm (custom sizes may be purchased on request)
Max Cutting Capacity 25mm – 650N/mm2
Min Cutting Capacity 4mm
Accessories Foot pedals

Product Features

  • Dual Functionality: Combines bending and cutting capabilities for up to 25mm rebar, maximizing efficiency.
  • Fast Operation: Achieves a 90° bend in under 2.5 seconds with precise cutting capabilities.
  • Versatile Bending and Cutting: Offers bending from 0-180° and includes foot pedals for enhanced control.
  • Powerful Motor: Equipped with a 1050W motor for bending and a 1550W motor for cutting, ensuring robust performance.
  • Compact Design: Measuring 50cm x 45cm x 79cm, it’s designed to fit easily in any workspace.
  • Quality and Support: Known for superior quality and backed by an extensive support network.