Product Description: The RAPIDTOOL RT-60A Rebar Tying Machine is a pinnacle of innovation designed for the demanding needs of commercial and civil projects. This automatic, cordless rebar tie gun boasts a tie speed of 0.8 seconds, significantly reducing downtime with over 4500 ties per battery charge for ties up to 60mm in diameter. Combining advanced digital tie tension control with an ergonomic design, the RT-60A not only speeds up construction tasks but also minimizes physical strain, making it a game-changer in rebar tying technology.

Product Specifications

Model RT-60A
Description Rebar Tying Machine
Dimensions 312mm x 109mm x 310mm
Net Weight 2.8kg (including battery)
Tie Diameter Range 30-60mm (28mm x 32mm bar max)
Wraps Per Tie 3 or 4 Wraps (adjustable)
Length of Tie Wire Coil 95m
Ties Per Tie Wire Coil Approx 90 Ties (3 wraps)
Battery Capacity Li-ion 18V – 4.0Ah
Battery Charge Time 90 Minutes
Battery Charger Input 100-240V AC – 50-60Hz – 1.0A
Battery Charger Output DC21V 3A
Ties Per Battery Cycle Over 4500 Ties (3 wraps)
Safety Feature Trigger Lock
Accessories Carry Case, Tool Belt Clip, 2 x Batteries, Battery Charger & 4 x Tie Wire Coils

Product Benefits

  • Speed and Efficiency: Achieves ties in 0.8 seconds, drastically cutting down project timelines.
  • Reduced Physical Strain: Ergonomic design and optional extension arm reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Durability: Engineered with dual brushless motors and tested to over 2 million ties, ensuring long-lasting reliability.

Product Features

  • Lightning-Fast Tying: Capable of over 4500 ties per battery charge, enhancing productivity.
  • Advanced Control: Features digital tie tension control and a quick bar release mechanism for precise tying.
  • Extended Operational Life: Brushless twisting and feeding motor technology paired with advanced sensor detection.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for a range of applications from concrete floors to precast products and underfloor heating.

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