Zemdrain® MD

Zemdrain® MD

Product description:
The Zemdrain® MD Formwork Liner is a premier choice for achieving high-quality concreting results with the benefit of reuse, capable of two to three applications thanks to its robust mesh backing. This liner ensures a flawless concrete finish, ranging from smooth to slightly structured, enhancing both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

Featuring a specialized drainage grid on the formwork side, Zemdrain® MD efficiently manages moisture, crucial for maintaining concrete strength. Its design supports easy installation and is suitable for varied project demands, including inclined or horizontal surfaces, making it a cost-effective solution for enhancing the quality and longevity of concrete structures.


Product Code Description Pack Qty
116772 Zemdrain MD 2.5m x 35.0m Roll 1


  • Reusable Design: Get more out of your formwork liner with Zemdrain MD, which boasts a robust mesh on the formwork side allowing for 2 to 3 applications. This makes it a sustainable and budget-friendly option.
  • Optimal Concrete Surface: The smooth to slightly structured white upper side ensures your concrete finish is flawless, from ultra-smooth to subtly textured.
  • Efficient Drainage System: Equipped with a special drainage grid on the back, Zemdrain MD facilitates exceptional moisture management, crucial for maintaining the integrity of your concrete.
  • Versatile Application: Thanks to its high storage capacity, this liner is perfect for various orientations, from inclined to horizontal surfaces, ensuring adaptability across projects. 📐
  • Simple Installation: Zemdrain MD is engineered for ease, promoting a quick and straightforward setup process, saving you time and labor costs.