Sacraform Max™

Sacraform Max™

The future of permanent formwork for sheet piles. Designed with precision and sustainability in mind, Sacraform Max™ stands out as the go-to solution for modern construction needs.

Application: Specifically tailored for use as a separation layer for sheet piles.

Installation: For a seamless and efficient installation process, always refer to the Sacraform Max™ Installation guide.


  • Longitudinal Bar Diameter: 10.0 mm
  • Transverse Bar Diameter: 4.0 mm

Safety First: Always wear Gloves, Glasses, and Protective clothing when handling Sacraform Max™.

Handling & Storage: To ensure the longevity and quality of the product, store Sacraform Max™ in an enclosed compound. For unstrapped pallets, place weights on them to prevent sheets from being caught by the wind.

Inquiries & Purchases:
For quotes, requests, or any additional information, reach out to Danterr at:

Phone: 1800 262 383


  • Ease of Installation: Eliminate the need for skilled carpenters or specialized trades with Sacraform Max™.
  • Lightweight Design: At 50% lighter than Form Ply, it offers effortless handling and transportation.
  • Customizable Dimensions: Tailor-made for your project, Sacraform Max™ sheets can be manufactured to a maximum width of 2250mm and a length of 6000mm.
  • Eco-Conscious: A significant percentage of recycled material is used in its manufacturing, making Sacraform Max™ a green choice. It’s environmentally friendly and has zero impact on groundwater.
  • ISO Certified: Adhering to the highest standards, Sacraform Max™ is manufactured under the Environmental Management system in line with ISO14001:2015.
  • Unmatched Strength: With the inclusion of Fim-manufactured Exceed 1018MF resin, it boasts superior tensile, impact, and puncture resistance. Its excellent drawability also supports downgauging, and it’s TNPP free.
  • Ready to Pour: No release agent is required prior to pouring.
  • Enhanced Protection: Each sheet is shielded by a heavy-duty heat-shrunk polyethylene film with overlaps on all 4 sides.


  • Longitudinal Bar Diameter: 8.0 mm
  • Transverse Bar Diameter: 4.0 mm