Grout Makrete Makgrout EP 20kg

Grout Makrete Makgrout EP 20kg

Eliminate grouting headaches with Makgrout EP 20kg, a premium epoxy grout engineered for demanding applications. This versatile grout fills gaps from 2mm to 150mm, boasts extraordinary chemical resistance, and delivers top-tier mechanical strength for heavy machinery, underwater use, and challenging environments.

  • Wide Gap Solution: Simplify grouting with Makgrout EP’s ability to fill gaps from 2mm to a substantial 150mm in a single application, streamlining your workflow.
  • Maximum Durability: Experience superior mechanical strength, outstanding chemical resistance (salt water, mild acids/alkalis), and suitability for underwater applications – perfect for harsh environments.
  • Extended Workability: Makgrout EP offers a longer working time than standard grouts, especially beneficial for higher temperatures and large, deep pours.
  • Damp Concrete? No Problem: Eliminate delays with Makgrout EP’s reliable adhesion to damp concrete, keeping your project on schedule.
  • Shrinkage-Free Performance: Ensure maximum surface contact and a secure, long-lasting bond with Makgrout EP’s non-shrink formula.

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Features & Benefits

  • Versatile Gap Filling: Effortlessly grout gaps from 2mm to 150mm in a single application, simplifying your workflow.
  • Robust Performance: Enjoy high mechanical strength, chemical resistance (saltwater, mild acids/alkalis), and suitability for underwater projects.
  • Extended Workability: Makgrout EP’s long work time is ideal for higher temperatures and deeper pours.
  • Bonds to Damp Concrete: Streamline your project timeline with reliable adhesion to damp concrete.
  • Non-Shrink Formula: Maximizes surface contact and ensures a secure, long-lasting bond.