Makrete Makpatch HB 20Kg

Makrete Makpatch HB 20Kg

Makrete Makpatch HB is your go-to solution for efficient and reliable concrete repair. This lightweight mortar comes pre-blended with dry powders, requiring only the addition of water on-site to produce a highly consistent and lightweight repair mortar. Formulated with Portland cement, graded aggregates, lightweight fillers, and chemical additives, Makpatch HB is polymer-modified to provide excellent handling characteristics while minimizing water demand.

  • Large Area Reinstatement: Ideal for reinstating large areas of concrete and for small, localized patch repairs, ensuring uniform and reliable results.
  • Column and Beam Repair: Engineered for repairing columns and beams, its relatively low fresh wet density allows for easy vertical and overhead repair work.
  • Single Application: Apply in sections up to 70mm thickness vertically and up to 60mm thickness overhead without the need for formwork, streamlining the repair process.
  • Wet Spraying: Build can be dramatically increased by wet spraying, offering flexibility and efficiency in repair applications.
  • Versatile Thickness: Achieve typical thicknesses of 70 – 150 mm vertically and 70 – 110mm overhead, depending on substrate profiles and reinforcement distribution.

Makrete Concrete Repair Mortar is your trusted partner for achieving efficient, durable, and reliable repairs. Experience the difference in quality and performance for your concrete repair projects today.

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Features and Benefits

  • Stain-Free Formula: With no metallic iron, our mortar prevents staining on surfaces, ensuring a pristine appearance.
  • Rapid Setting: Makrete’s Concrete Repair Mortar sets quickly, allowing for fast project completion and minimal downtime.
  • Superior Adhesion: Experience exceptional adhesion and high bond strength to substrates, ensuring long-lasting repairs.
  • Lightweight Formulation: Our mortar’s lightweight composition enables extra high build-up to 70mm, reducing the need for additional support structures.
  • Formwork Reduction: By reducing the need for formwork, Makrete’s mortar streamlines the repair process, saving time and resources.
  • Wet-Spray Application: Achieve fast, high-build repairs with ease using the wet-spray process, enhancing efficiency on the job site.
  • Excellent Substrate Bond: Benefit from outstanding bond to concrete substrates, ensuring reliable and durable repairs.
  • Consistent Quality: Pre-bagged to overcome variations, our mortar guarantees consistent performance with every application, requiring only the addition of clean water on-site.