Fibreglass Reinforcing Bent Bar

Fibreglass Reinforcing Bent Bar

Product Description: Discover the innovation in reinforcement with our Fibreglass Reinforcing Bent Bar, offering custom-shaped solutions like L-bars, spirals, and stirrups tailored for precise construction requirements. Made from glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP), these bars feature exceptional tensile strength and corrosion resistance. Ideal for projects demanding accurate planning and design, GFRP Bent Bars are irreplaceable once shaped, ensuring precision in every use.

For specific sizing or shape inquiries, contact us to explore the possibilities and ensure your project benefits from the unparalleled strength and longevity of our Fibreglass Bent Reinforcing Bars. Reach out via email at or call us at 1800 262 383 to discuss how we can meet your project’s unique requirements.



  • Diameters: Available from 8mm to 24mm.
  • Shapes: Customizable up to 700x1500mm for diverse project needs.


  • Precision: Custom shapes reduce waste and eliminate on-site bending and cutting needs.
  • Durability: Non-corrosive nature extends the lifespan of concrete structures in aggressive environments.

Applications: Perfect for complex structures and detailed architectural designs, these bars support a wide range of construction projects with their pre-manufactured shapes ensuring efficiency and integrity.