Fibreglass Reinforcing Mesh

Fibreglass Reinforcing Mesh

Fibreglass mesh, celebrated for its strength, lightweight properties, and resistance to corrosion and moisture, has carved out a significant niche in the industrial construction landscape. Apart from its primary attributes, the non-conductive nature of GFRP ensures it does not transmit electricity, making it a top choice for projects like light rail or tram slabs. These unique characteristics render fibreglass mesh indispensable for various critical projects, guaranteeing long-term durability and structural integrity.

Significance in Industrial Construction

In the vast realm of industrial construction, fibreglass mesh holds paramount importance. Its primary application is as a reinforcement agent in concrete structures. These include formidable structures like bridges, dams, and large-scale buildings. The integration of fibreglass grid mesh into these structures serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it helps distribute the structure’s weight uniformly across an extensive area, thereby diminishing the stress exerted on the structure. This uniform weight distribution plays a vital role in the longevity and stability of the structure.

Additionally, when laying out concrete foundations or slabs, fibreglass mesh emerges as a preferred choice for formwork. The mesh ensures that as the concrete sets, it does so uniformly, preventing the formation of weak spots. Such a meticulous process eradicates the possibility of cracks that might arise due to uneven settling or the unpredictable shifting of the ground below.

With Danterr’s fibreglass mesh, one can confidently stride into industrial construction projects, armed with the assurance of quality and durability. For structures that stand tall and stand long, choose fibreglass mesh by Danterr.

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Product Code Description Dimensions


Fibreglass Mesh SL62

2400mm x 6000mm


Fibreglass Mesh SL72

2400mm x 6000mm


Fibreglass Mesh SL81

2400mm x 6000mm


Fibreglass Mesh SL82

2400mm x 6000mm


Fibreglass Mesh SL92

2400mm x 6000mm


Fibreglass Mesh SL102

2400mm x 6000mm