Galvanised Deformed Reinforcing Bar

Galvanised Deformed Reinforcing Bar

Danterr’s galvanised reinforcement stands as a beacon of reliability in the construction sector. This premium reo bar undergoes an intensive hot-dip galvanising process, offering unparalleled resistance against corrosion and rust.

Our range spans from 10mm to 40mm in diameter, ensuring that our galvanised bars cater to a wide array of applications. For those projects with specific needs, we also entertain requests for larger sizes of our galvanised reinforcement.

Consistent with Danterr’s tradition of excellence, our galvanised reo bars are typically available in a 6m length. However, understanding the varied requirements of our clients, we also offer tailored lengths or unique bends in our galvanised reinforcement bars. Our seasoned team is always at hand to guide you through your galvanised reinforcing choices.

Whether it’s marine locations, chemical facilities, or other high-corrosion arenas, Danterr’s galvanised reinforcement ensures your structures boast both strength and longevity.

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Product Code Description Dimensions


Deformed Bar Galvanised 10mm x 6000mm


Deformed Bar Galvanised 12mm x 6000mm


Deformed Bar Galvanised

16mm x 6000mm


Deformed Bar Galvanised

20mm x 6000mm


Deformed Bar Galvanised

24mm x 6000mm


Deformed Bar Galvanised

28mm x 6000mm


Deformed Bar Galvanised

32mm x 6000mm


Deformed Bar Galvanised

36mm x 6000mm


Deformed Bar Galvanised

40mm x 6000mm