Terry McWhirter


With a foundational background in Concrete and Solid Plastering, Terry has been at the helm of Danterr since its inception. His hands-on experience, enriched by various business and leadership courses, has been pivotal in steering the company. Terry embodies Danterr’s core values of Innovation, Empathy, and Respect, ensuring they are reflected in every decision.

A notable highlight of his career was the significant involvement in the Darwin Inpex project from 2014 to 2017, which marked a turning point for Danterr, expanding its reach nationwide. Terry’s approach to challenges involves prompt action and collaborative brainstorming, valuing every team member’s input.

An instance of his effective team collaboration was during a strategy meeting where a creative solution to office space constraints was conceptualized and implemented, enhancing team culture and workspace comfort.

Terry is committed to ongoing learning, drawing insights from mentors and resources like “Scaling Up” by Verne Harnish. His vision for Danterr extends beyond national borders, aspiring to establish it as a global entity in the concrete and infrastructure sector. He emphasizes building a high-performing team while maintaining an exceptional workplace culture. Outside of work, Terry cherishes family time, nature trips, and enjoys gatherings around a BBQ with loved ones.