Really appreciate the customer service and prompt delivery. Thank you!

Muhammad Hayat Tariq
Junior Engineer - CPB Georgiou Site

In my 17 years in the industry, I’ve never come across service as phenomenal as Danterr’s. The consistent excellence of every team member is truly remarkable.

Bruce Floyd
WSA Tunnel Project

Customer satisfaction and customer service are two things that we excel at. With more than 30 years of experience in the building/construction industry, providing great service is something we pride ourselves on.

Great Service

We source high quality products globally at a competitive price from manufacturers that are tried and tested. With more than 1,000 products delivered to some of our recent jobs, we know being competitive is important.


In our many years of experience, we’ve learnt how crucial it is to be using the best types of products. Recognising this, it is of the utmost importance that we supply the highest quality of products to all our customers.

Quality Products

Multiplex Constructions have utilised the Nevosafe Rebar Safety Strip on the 300 George Street “The One” residential tower construction site for worker protection on vertical Reo within the Jumpform system. The product was bought to site when the jump was at Lv5 and the same Nevosafe from the initial delivery is still in use with the Jumpform at Lv66. Nevosafe ticks all the boxes, its well made, simple to use, extremely effective, creates efficiencies in our cycles (instead of a worker installing 1000+ bar caps they install 30 safety strips). I recommend the use of Nevosafe in all steelfixing applications.

Robert L McCulloch
Senior WHSE Coordinator Multiplex Constructions

Thank you for your assistance with engineering design, we reduced our steel reinforcement from 1700kg to 270kg using HPP50 & reduced installation labour from 130 hours to 70 hours!


Danterr has provided exceptional service and support to the Level Crossing Removal Project. The Danterr Team constantly goes above and beyond to ensure we are looked after on site to enable us to meet out targets. As well as the Danterr Team being professional they are also very friendly, approachable and knowledgeable of their products and uses.

Level Crossing Removal Project

Nevosafe is a great product that has worked really well on the Jumpform at Barangaroo. They are robust and much more difficult to misplace in comparison to individual bar cap.

T3 Barangaroo South