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What’s a concrete spacer? Originally coined as concrete aspro’s a concrete spacer is little block of concrete that holds mesh, steel, or other formwork in place for concrete pours.

1. Our size and range

We stock our spacers in a range of sizes and shapes in keeping with project needs from around the country. To make it easy for you to get to know our range of concrete spacers, we have listed some of the most popular shapes and facts below:

Concrete Spacers

The most popular shape in our range is square. These spacers may also be known as concrete bar chairs and contain a wire in them that allows for fastening to the formwork above.

Danterr supply Spacers made of cast concrete with embedded wire for vertical and horizontal reinforcement. The Spacers provide a large contact surface and stable fixing for use on the building site and in the precast plant.

Our concrete bar chair or single spacers, cover 30 to 100 mm in surface area providing more than 60 MPa strength. These products bond well with concrete, leaving no cracks behind.

Alongside square spacers we also carry round spacers for the same purpose.

Concrete Rail Spacers

Danterr offers concrete rail spacers in a few shapes. The square concrete rail spacers are available from 20 x 1000mm to 75 x 1000mm. Other benefits to square spacers include:

  • They will sustain high pressure
  • Customize sizes are available with a standardized 1m length
  • The large surface area supports an infrastructural network on top of it.
  • It bonds well with concrete if hairline cracks occur
  • Perfect for on-ground application.

Danterr also offers triangle-shaped rail spacers with concrete reinforcement for robust construction skeletons. These are available in numerous sizes and shapes.

  • These can withstand high pressure.
  • Triangle concrete spacers are excellent for on-ground application
  • These provide large surface area coverage to withstand pressure equally.
  • Custom and standard sizes are available.
  • Complementary bonding with concrete to eliminate hairline cracks.

Danterr also stocks plastic and wire spacers for future projects.

2. The standards we comply with

Our concrete bar chairs comply with the following Australian requirements and standards:

  • Roads and Maritime Services, NSW
  • Department of Transport and Main Road, Queensland (TMR)
  • Vic Roads

Furthermore, the concrete spacer range also comply with the following Australian Standards. These are:

  • Australian/ New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2425:2015
  • Registered Product: MRTS70
  • Product Index for Bridges and other Structures TMR
  • AQ specification B80, Concrete Work for Bridges RMS
  • Australian Standard AS3600
3. Applications of our Spacer range

Concrete spacers are a cast in situ product that set the foundation for small, large, and varied projects. They underpin the basics of concreting and can be found in a variety of materials.

There are many different industries that use our concrete spacer range. We have supplied projects in road construction, rail and light rail, foundational building, bridge and runway construction, water treatment plants and many more. We let our material speak for itself and do not compromise on the source and supply of our products to any of the projects we service across Australia.

For many large project engineers, it is the friendliness and effort we will go to in order to provide not only the best quality product, but the best quality outcome for all the interested parties that keeps them coming back.

Concrete Spacer Range
4. We can customise our range

Did you know Danterr provides customisable services to fit different projects and requirements? Well, now you do.

A research-based team we can invest in understanding the project’s nature and requirements – because ultimately, we want to help each client to get the most out of their accessories order by determining the best pack size, delivery options and future ordering needs. It’s in this way we can further customise your order with complimentary products and spacers of all materials.

5. Why you want to work with us

Simply put, we offer great experience and a genuine team who scour our stock and options before giving up on meeting your needs. We value customer service and adherence to project needs, endeavouring to meet them successfully every time. Apart from this we can offer technical and topical knowledge for new and esteemed project engineers while offering flexible communication – opening the lines for face to face, zoom and phone call meetings through all stages of any project.

The greatest advantage to working with us is the confidence you can gain in understanding that we will be in it with you, for the long haul.

For more information or a quote on our concrete spacer range click the button below, send an email to sales@danterr.com or give us a call on 1800 262 383.

Until next time!

The Danterr Team

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