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Cast Concrete Spacers

Cast CONCRETE SPACERS ensure that the specified concrete cover to the reinforcement for structures and structural elements is achieved, both before and during concreting.

Cast Concrete Spacers
Cast Concrete Spacers

Danterr supply Spacers made of cast concrete with embedded wire for vertical and horizontal reinforcement. The Spacers provide a large contact surface and stable fixing for use on the building site and in the precast plant.

  • Available in covers from 20 mm to 100 mm
  • Available with galvanised or stainless steel tying wire

Danterr also supply Spacers made of cast concrete with a shuttlecock clip for vertical and horizontal structural elements. Spacers with shuttlecock clips and four-point support enable simple and quick fixing to the reinforcement. Suitable for use with reinforcements that are not walked on, e.g. in the precast plant.

  • Available in covers from 20 mm to 60 mm
  • Spreads load whilst minimising surface contact


– Cement-bound spacers, no heat/cold deformation
– Absolute guarantee of concrete cover
– Various attachment options for quick and easy use
– Precise positioning
– Homogeneous bond, no hairline cracks between spacer and concrete
– Fire-resistant according to the maximum requirements of DIN 4102 – Class A1


– High bearing pressure
– Standard length is 1m, custom sizes available
– Large base-support area to reduce pressure on the formwork
– Conform to the requirements of AS/NZS2425
– Excellent bond with concrete, so no hairline cracks between the spacer and concrete should occur
– Ideal for slab on ground application

Cast Concrete Spacers

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