Mastering Bituthene® Membrane: Your Ultimate Guide to Superior Waterproofing Solutions

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Editor’s Note: This post, originally published on February 15, 2022, has been thoroughly revised and updated to ensure accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Bituthene® 3000 and Bituthene® 5000

In an industry as dynamic and fast-paced as construction, having the right tools and the right information is essential. One such necessity-based material is Bituthene® Membrane, a waterproofing solution. Once you understand how beneficial Bituthene® is, you’ll see how much of an impact it may have on the longevity and performance of your job.

At Danterr, we want to make progress and support in your area as easy as possible. We are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and the cutting-edge tools that will allow you to work effectively. For those of you who have been searching for information about Bituthene® Membrane, this guide will give you the key knowledge that every professional in the construction industry should know. This blog will cover the fundamentals of Bituthene® Membrane, its functionalities, and the latest products that are available today, making sure that you are ready to face every challenge thrown your way.

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Understanding Bituthene® Membrane

Bituthene® Membrane is considered one of the major quality products in the construction sector because of its excellent waterproofing function. Here’s a deeper dive into what makes Bituthene® a popular solution for many construction professionals.

What is Bituthene® Membrane?

Bituthene® Membrane is also a well-known and self-adhesive protection layer that can be directly applied to the building structure to have a water-tightness layer. It was developed by GCP Applied Technologies where it is not only solid but can be fully immersed into waterproofing applications.

Types of Bituthene® Membranes:

Bituthene® 5000:

Description: Bituthene® 5000 is designed for use under hot-applied asphalt. It features a thicker, rubberised asphalt surface, providing superior waterproofing and durability.

Benefits: Its robustness and ability to withstand high temperatures make it perfect for infrastructure projects requiring long-lasting waterproofing solutions.

Bituthene® 5000 is perfect for:

  • Bridges, walkways, and roads
  • Culverts and other applications requiring asphalt capping

Projects using Bituthene® 5000:

  1. Mona Vale Road East upgrade: Enhancing safety and traffic flow in Sydney, Bituthene® 5000 was used to ensure the longevity and durability of the road structure.
  2. Westgate Tunnel: A key infrastructure project in Melbourne designed to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow. Bituthene® 5000 was utilized for its robust waterproofing capabilities under asphalt.
  3. Cross River Rail: This project enhances Brisbane’s rail network, with Bituthene® 5000 ensuring the waterproofing of various critical infrastructure elements.
  4. Western Sydney Airport: This new airport project relies on Bituthene® 5000 for its durability and effective waterproofing solutions, essential for the long-term sustainability of the airport’s infrastructure.

Bituthene® 3000:

Description: The Bituthene® 3000 is a cross-laminated high-density polyethylene carrier film, with self-adhesive areas suitable for a cold-weather application.

Benefits: Its flexibility and ease of application in cold conditions make it a versatile choice for various projects needing reliable waterproofing.

Bituthene® 3000 is ideal for:

  • Above-grade plazas and parking decks
  • Below-grade basements, tunnels, and retaining walls
  • Other subterranean applications

Projects using Bituthene® 3000:

  1. Sydney Gateway Project: This massive infrastructure project enhances Sydney’s connectivity. Bituthene® 3000 was used to ensure robust waterproofing for various subterranean structures.
  2. Rozelle Interchange: Part of the WestConnex project, this interchange required extensive waterproofing for its complex network of tunnels and underground spaces.
  3. Brisbane Metro: A critical public transport project aimed at improving Brisbane’s transit system, where Bituthene® 3000 provided essential waterproofing for the metro’s underground sections.

When to Apply Bituthene®

Bituthene® membranes should always be applied after the concrete has cured. Whether it’s a bridge culvert or a car park base slab, the base concrete must be fully cured before application.

  • Apply Bituthene® Tape only after the concrete has cured.
  • Use Bituthene® 5000 for asphalt-covered jobs and Bituthene® 3000 for retaining walls or cold layer applications.
  • Apply asphalt to the membrane as soon as possible after application.
  • Ensure fair weather conditions for application.

How to Apply Bituthene®

  • Surface Preparation: Begin by priming the surface with Bituthene® Primer. This step is crucial as the primer enhances adhesion between the tape and masonry surfaces.
  • Application: The tape, provided in rolls, should be cut to the required size. Roll the tape onto the primed surface and remove the backing to expose the adhesive side. Roll the tape and trim around any covered drains or utility areas.

Key Rules:

  • Prime only the areas to be covered by the membrane to avoid re-priming after 24 hours.
  • Always use a primer with the tape to ensure a strong bond.
  • Allow the rubber-based primer to dry for at least one hour or until tack-free.
  • Overlap end pieces when starting a new roll to ensure seamless coverage.

New Developments in Bituthene® Membrane

  • Enhanced Durability and Sustainability
    Enhancements made in this product in recent years are typically associated with greater durability and eco-friendly features of Bituthene® membranes. The recent formulations offer further improvement in anti-oxidant and UV packages to prolong the effectiveness against exterior factors.
  • Integration with Modern Construction Technologies
    Bituthene® now integrates seamlessly with Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems, allowing for more precise planning and application in large-scale construction projects.

Why Choose Bituthene® Membrane?

  1. Proven Performance: Bituthene® has a long track record of success in various high-profile projects worldwide, demonstrating its reliability and effectiveness.
  2. Comprehensive Protection: It offers complete waterproofing solutions for a range of applications, from below-grade structures to areas requiring asphalt overlays.
  3. Support and Expertise: At Danterr, we provide expert guidance and support to ensure the correct application and optimal performance of Bituthene® membranes in your projects.
Bituthene Membrane Layman


It is important to know the areas and situations where you can effectively use bituthene for your projects to run smoothly. At Danterr, we focus on quality construction materials as well as extend our services in consulting. No matter the size of your work or whether you are undertaking huge infrastructure projects or contain sites, you’ll find a useful tool in Bituthene®.

If you are looking for individualised guidance that will respond to your specific needs, reach out to our expert team today! We have a committed and experienced sales team that is ready to clarify the information and respond to your requests. Build the next addition to your company or home with the assurance of exceptional quality at its core. Contact Danterr today!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Bituthene® Membrane is a high-performance, self-adhesive waterproofing membrane used to protect various structural elements from water infiltration. It’s manufactured by GCP Applied Technologies and is known for its reliability and durability in waterproofing applications.

Bituthene® Membrane is used in a variety of applications including bridges, roads, basements, tunnels, and retaining walls. It provides robust and reliable waterproofing solutions for both above-grade and below-grade structures. Danterr offers Bituthene® 3000 and Bituthene® 5000, ensuring effective waterproofing for different project needs.

Bituthene® Membrane provides excellent adhesion, flexibility, and durability, making it ideal for various waterproofing applications. Its robust design ensures long-lasting performance, even under harsh environmental conditions. Danterr’s Bituthene® products are trusted in major projects like the Sydney Gateway and Cross River Rail.

Bituthene® 3000 is designed for cold applications and consists of a cross-laminated HDPE carrier film with a self-adhesive layer, making it suitable for below-grade and subterranean structures. Bituthene® 5000 is thicker and designed for use under hot-applied asphalt, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications like bridges and roads. Danterr supplies both products for specific project requirements.

Bituthene® Membrane should be applied after the concrete has cured. The surface must be primed with Bituthene® Primer to enhance adhesion. The membrane is then rolled onto the primed surface, and the backing is removed to expose the adhesive side. Detailed application instructions can be found on Danterr’s product pages.

Proper surface preparation is crucial to ensure maximum adhesion and effectiveness of the waterproofing membrane. Priming the surface strengthens the bond between the membrane and the substrate, preventing water infiltration. Danterr’s Bituthene® Primer is specially formulated to enhance this adhesion.

The choice of waterproofing membrane depends on the specific requirements of your project, including the type of structure, environmental conditions, and application method. Bituthene® 3000 is ideal for cold applications and below-grade structures, while Bituthene® 5000 is suitable for hot-applied asphalt and heavy-duty applications. Consulting with Danterr’s expert team can help you make the best choice for your project.

Waterproofing is essential in construction to prevent water ingress, which can lead to structural damage, mold growth, and other issues. Effective waterproofing extends the life of the structure and ensures its integrity. Danterr provides top-quality waterproofing products to help achieve these outcomes.

Bituthene® 5000 has been used in several major projects, including the Westgate Tunnel and the Western Sydney Airport, where its robust waterproofing capabilities under asphalt are essential. Danterr has also supplied Bituthene® 5000 for the Mona Vale Road East upgrade, enhancing safety and traffic flow in Sydney.

In addition to Bituthene® Membranes, Danterr offers a range of waterproofing solutions including Hydrotite, a hydrophilic waterstop used to seal construction joints and prevent water ingress. These products are designed to meet various waterproofing needs in construction projects.

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