What’s the PRO in ASPRO Spacers?

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An essential tool for any major construction project would be spacers. These are the foundation of all building structures, as the spacers are essential for maintaining reinforcement in the most suitable position or ensuring the given distance between the walls before and during the construction process of concreting.

Cast concrete Aspro Spacers ensure that the specified concrete cover for structures is reinforced correctly and structural elements are  maintained and achieved, both before and during concreting. Cast Concrete Aspro Spacers are commonly used for the walls, columns and foundations.

Being a vital part of the basic building foundation during construction, strength should be an important aspect of spacers.

With its compressive strength tested, these spacers exceed 75mpa in their strength and durability. The Aspro Spacers including our Galvanised wire, have the strength needed to best suit any concreting project and can support the reinforcement and safety of each structure, which is our top priority.

Aspro Spacers have a great lifetime in health and is the best bond to stop concrete cancer. The unique rough sides that Aspro Spacers have, make it harder for moisture to penetrate the structure of the cement.

The flat, smooth base of an Aspro Spacer creates an unwavering stability. There is no need to worry about the block rolling or slipping away during construction because it has been shaped for firmness.

For more information on Danterr’s Aspro Spacers, Our friendly Danterr team can help! Please do not hesitate to contact  1800 262 383 or email sales@danterr.com for further enquiries.