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Wherever concrete is poured…

Keep Your team Safe

We are open for free quotations & product discussions

During this strange time of lockdowns, shutdowns and site pauses. Please reach out for any help regarding pending and potential orders for ANY sized project.

We are here to continue providing excellent and tailored service for your site no matter what is happening ‘about town’ right now.

Worried about your site being unsafe during shutdowns or lockdowns?
Pier Hole Protectors Animation
Pier Hole Protectors

Leaving Pier Holes uncovered for any length of time is illegal. Make sure you are ready for shutdowns with a reuseable Pier Hole cover made from recycled materials to keep your team safe.

Nevosafe Animation

Worried about your uncapped rebar at site? Well, there is no need to be worried with Nevosafe™

Keep Your team Safe

Our Nevosafe™ has ALWAYS met and exceeded our customer satisfaction.

Need to update your site safety? See below:
KN95 Mask Animation
KN95 & Other Masks

KN95 Disposable Respirators are suitable and will soon become mandatory on Australian construction sites. Masks come individually wrapped in boxes of ten. Each mask will allow for multiple uses.

Hand Sanitizer Animation
Hand Sanitiser

Confidence Cleanse by Danterr.
Keep your team safe, stay healthy and reduce the risk of infection with Danterr’s new hand sanitiser product Confidence Cleanse.