Do you know what goes into an artificial reef?

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A new project, the South Sydney Offshore Artificial Reef Project will involve the largest quantity of artificial reefs that have been constructed in one project in Australia.

When Danterr first received the call to work alongside Nathan Grigg from Kersultingin providing Subcon with specific solutions for this large project, we were excited. The more complex a job is, the more you have to dig deep and ensure that every single area that you are providing to complete the puzzle works seamlessly with other stakeholders.

Subcon is a market leader in introducing innovative technologies that solve marine installation challenges. The new project will be executed later this year in New South Wales, and aptly named the South Sydney Offshore Artificial Reef Project. The purpose of this project will be to provide an artificial reef that in turn will create more fish habitats thus providing higher quality fishing opportunities for anglers. Very important to the region from a number of fronts.

What the project involves

The South Sydney Offshore Artificial Reef Project will involve installing 36 modules, which is 16 more than what was installed during the 2016 Port Macquarie Offshore Artificial Reef Complex. Danterr’s involvement in the project has been to work with Nathan Grigg from Kersulting in providingSubcon with an engineered approach to change the old design of steel reinforced concrete to Macro Synthetic Fibre which is reinforced with a small amount of steel reinforcing including 8kg of HPP50 Fibre and 1kg of Micro Synthetic Fibre per cubic meter of concrete.

The HPP50 Macro-Synthetic Fibre has been specifically designed to reinforce concrete and other cementitious mixes. The HPP50 Fibre offers an alternative to steel wire mesh and/or steel fibres and is rustproof, non-magnetic and non-corrosive, which is ideal for when installing under water projects.

The Micro Synthetic Fibre is also composed of a rustproof, non-magnetic and non-corrosive material. The Micro Synthetic Fibre is used as a concrete reinforcer and offers an alternative system to traditional reinforcement when used for crack control in concrete.

Through the introduction of the Micro Synthetic Fibre and the HPP50 Fibre,  Danterr has noted a dramatic reduction of required labour work involved in steel fixing.

Through the introduction of the Micro Synthetic Fibre and the HPP50 Fibre, Danterr has noted a dramatic reduction of required labour work involved in steel fixing. Instead of taking 13 hours and having 4 men perform the labour, it now only requires 2 men working and can be completed in 4 hours. The total weight of the structure was also reduced.

The future of steel and fibre reinforcing 

This specialised field requires experience and strong products that last the test of time. Danterr is continually working with companies that require engineered design from steel reinforcing to fibre reinforcing, particularly in complex projects such as this.

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