Overcoming the Tyranny of Distance

The world’s oceans take up a big area – in fact, ocean covers over 70% of the Earth’s surface. These vast waters are home to millions of forms of life that are yet to be documented, and the world’s oceans account for more than 96% of all H20 on the planet. Unfortunately, oceans provide a monumental challenge for humans interested in commerce and trade. The world’s oceans must be constantly traversed in order for us to move goods around the planet. Yes, we as humans have dug out the Suez Cannel and the Panama Cannel to reduce time at sea for the millions of people who take to the water daily, but it is still a long way from A to B via any ocean journey.

To answer the world’s trade demands, millions of people on hundreds of thousands of ships hit the high seas every single day to get freight, and cargo from one place to another. Ships range in use and size from massive oil tankers, some of which are longer than a good-sized par 5 at Augusta, to giant container ships, to humble sail boats. The below is a screen shot from marinetraffic.com that maps exactly where every major vessel on earth is right now as of 9.43am (Melbourne time) 12 September 2018…

Overcoming the Tyranny of Distance

At Danterr, we understand the tyranny of distance better than most. The Tyranny of Distance is a phrase coined by author Goffrey Blainey who detailed how being so far away from everyone else has shaped us as Australians. However, as Australians, while most of us live in just a few geographic locations, the distance between people on this Sunburnt Land is vast.

Consider this… from the coal loading port of Newcastle in NSW, to the iron ore port of Port Headland in WA, it is bang on 5,000km. The longest trip in Europe – from Lisbon in Portugal, to Moscow in Russia, encompassing Spain, France, Luxemburg, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and Belarus is just under 4,600km. The bottom line… Australia is huge!

Overcoming the tyranny of distance 3


Danterr have delivered products between every far corner of Australia, and we have done it hundreds, probably thousands of times. If we have a product in Brisbane that needs to be in Broome later that week, we make it happen. That is a journey of over the 4,600km equivalent of Lisbon to Moscow – and we do this, between places of vast distances apart, and the above is just one example – we do this every day, multiple times.


Our experience in moving things of a multitude of sizes around the 7.7 million km2 landmass that we call home, has granted us the experience and expertise to unlock international distribution. Danterr has already moved products from Europe to Asia, as well as a huge array of products from Europe to Australia. Recently we at Danterr received an enquiry for a big amount of grout that had to be moved from Germany, to the biggest port in the world – Rotterdam in Holland, to a final destination of Singapore. Terence Low from the hardware giant Hong Hock Hardware in Singapore penned the following testimonial after Danterr sourced Pagel V1/50 grout from the middle of Europe, and got it to south-east Asia all from our headquarters in south-west Victoria…

‘We are pleased with your service and assistance rendered to us for the purchase of Pagel V1/50 and your prompt responses to our queries. The items received were well packed and protected from the elements of weather. We also appreciate the effort to find the shortest possible sea freight to Singapore for us to complete our ASRS project on time.’

This is just one example of our reach, and for all those interested, the grout used on the massive ASRS project can be purchased by enquiring via sales@danterr.com or the free call 1800 262 383. This brand of grout is available from Danterr to anyone who needs it no matter where they might be…


Getting freight from one place to another, whether is be internationally, or across an Australian desert, is a challenge. But at Danterr, we have more experience than most in this endeavour, and should you be reading this blog on your phone at a train station in Istanbul, Turkey and require a shipping container of water stop products and accessories available only out of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Danterr can get them to you to keep your project running on time and on budget. Danterr – we have overcome the Tyranny of Distance Australia provides, and are more than prepared to take on the world!

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