Ensuring the new Victorian rail projects are a success

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There are an exciting number of new building projects on the agenda for Victoria, which includes a huge influx of rail projects. This means more work and jobs created in the building industry, and more businesses required to supply the projects. The projects will bring new work opportunities for apprentices, trainees, and engineering cadets, as well as those looking to revisit the industry.

With the huge influx of infrastructure plans, the Australasian Rail Association has warned that Victoria may not actually have enough workers with the skills and expertise to make these projects happen. So, it’s a great time for anyone considering a career in the industry.

Working on the rail road

The current rail plans involve building an $11-billion Metro Tunnel, removing 25 level railway crossings for $6.6 billion, building a $50-billion suburban rail loop and undertaking major upgrades to regional rail lines in the west. The problem lies where although these plans are necessary they would require a huge number of qualified workers, who unfortunately are predicted to not be available.

It’s apparent that the workforce could be lacking 70,000 skilled people by 2023, when the construction phase for these key projects reaches a peak. This lack of workers is largely due to students choosing to go to university rather than undergoing an apprenticeship or trade. Those in the business are currently growing older and will eventually retire, leaving construction companies with a decline in workers and a need for more skilled staff.


Taking the strain off

While there are limited staff resources, the availability of building materials and equipment is not scarce. There will be a huge amount of resources required for the railway projects here in Victoria, and quality materials will ensure there are no additional, unaccounted for pressures on the workforce.

Concrete is one material that the railway projects will need in mass, especially for the developments where the line will be elevated, removing the need for the level crossings. The elevation of the tracks requires strong concrete pillars, foundations and bridges to be built. These structures need to be built with the ultimate strength and durability, which makes concrete an ideal product for them.

For the underground tunnel projects, the materials required are at a whole other level. Sealing these tunnels against water and other elements is necessary to the longevity, durability and strength of the infrastructure. Furthermore, what is built needs to be as strong as possible and reinforced as well. High quality products will also only strengthen the infrastructure and ensure the durability and long-term survival of the projects.


Quality over quantity

Just as the industry requires quality builders, it also requires quality building materials. As quality materials ensure the longevity of projects, this means there is less cost investment required over time. This also avoids having to rebuild the infrastructure and minimises maintenance required. Like with any major infrastructure project, it is important that durable products are used to make sure construction is done correctly the first time around and that they can withstand environmental conditions.


Experienced railway suppliers

At Danterr, we have successfully supplied materials to several railway projects, building both underground tunnel railway lines and removing level crossings in Victoria. Each time, we ensure only top-quality materials are used to build structures that last. Danterr is proud to be the industry leader in concrete and we are proud to be providing the railway industry with quality products that will enhance travel in Victoria, but providing quality products is only one piece of the puzzle. We must also forecast and support the trade industry to encourage new workers and apprentices in the workplace and ensure a strong future for the industry.