The Nepean River Bridge – Easy (in principle), Elegant and so very Essential

The Nepean River BridgeThe Nepean River Bridge – Easy (in principle), Elegant and so very

Essential The NSW Government is building a new pedestrian and cyclist bridge spanning the Nepean River between Penrith and Emu Plains with Danterr has been a proud partner of this project every step of the way. Now this is by no means the biggest, best, or most specular structure ever constructed, but its application is brilliant. For a long time, community members have been campaigning for a safer crossing over the Nepean River for pedestrians and push bike riders. Prior to this new bridge, there was no safe way for people not in cars to get across this river in this area west-north-west of the Sydney CBD. The path on the adjacent car bridge (Victoria Bridge) has no barrier between the narrow footpath and road traffic. The next closest bridge is 3km down river. Eventually a stand-alone pedestrian and cyclist bridge directly next to Victoria Bridge on the southern side was investigated.

The Nepean River Bridge 2

Location The final location of the bridge is just south of Victoria Bridge as this was considered the safest and most appropriate following numerous feasibility studies. The preferred bridge design and location was chosen following extensive community consultation, as it best addressed environmental, engineering and community constraints. The community are going to be the ones walking and cycling over this bridge, so it is a great piece of diplomacy from the powers that be, to include community members in the design and construction process.



The detailed design of the bridge and invitation of construction tenders to build the bridge was carried in 2015 and early 2016. Roads and Maritime has contracted Seymour Whyte Constructions Pty Ltd to build the bridge in May 2016, who then sourced expert Danterr products and services. To the Nepean River Bridge, Danterr has supplied concrete aspros, tie wire, backing rod, stainless steel dowels, ferrules, threaded rod, denso tape, formwork accessories, screw bolts. Bridge Facts The Nepean River Bridge has a main span length of 200 metres, with an overall bridge deck length of 257 metres. With 455 metres of shared paths, a huge number of pedestrians and cyclists will be able to cross the river effortlessly with no inconvenience to motorists or safety concerns. Other Nepean River Bridge Facts…

  • Truss width – 8 metres
  • Truss height – 13.5 metres
  • Number of support structures – two abutments and two piers
  • Steel tonnage of truss – 485 tonnes
  • Steel tonnage of deck – 155 tonnes

Yes, most of the megastructure type bridges currently under construction worldwide are to transport cars or trains or even both. However, for a long time, simple pedestrian and cyclists’ bridges have been very important to a city or towns infrastructure. Perhaps the most famous bridge on earth Ponte Vecchio in Florence is a pedestrian only bridge and it has been moving people on foot between the historic centre of Florence to the garden district since 996!

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Pedestrian bridges are the way of the future, especially with some much emphasis on exercise for people, and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. A lot more people in the future are going to walk and cycle to work. displays our complete sphere of influence. Free Call – 1800 257 287 Email –

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