Grout Makrete Makgrout HES 20kg

Grout Makrete Makgrout HES 20kg

When your project demands a grout that combines rapid strength development, shrinkage compensation, and precision filling, Makgrout HES 20kg is the answer. This high early strength grout is engineered for time-critical applications like precast panels, heavy machinery installation, and situations where fast equipment reinstatement is vital.

  • Rapid Strength for Minimal Downtime: Makgrout HES delivers exceptional strength gain, even in low temperatures, allowing you to minimize downtime and accelerate project completion.
  • Shrinkage Control for Precision and Durability: The grout’s dual-stage expansion system combats shrinkage, ensuring a flawless fill, dimensional stability, and maximizing the long-term integrity of your structures.
  • High Early Strength Specialist: Ideal for demanding grouting applications under precast panels, heavy machinery baseplates, and situations where dynamic loads are a concern.
  • Versatile Application: Makgrout HES offers excellent flow and adaptability to various application methods, including pumping or pouring. It tackles gaps from 10mm to 150mm with ease.
  • Consistent Quality: Eliminate on-site mixing errors with Makgrout HES’s pre-packaged format, ensuring reliable performance every time.

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Features & Benefits

  • Rapid Strength Gain: Accelerate project timelines and minimize downtime with Makgrout HES’s fast strength development.
  • Shrinkage Control: Ensure a flawless, dimensionally stable fill thanks to the grout’s dual-stage expansion system.
  • High Early Strength Performance: Experience robust performance even in low-temperature conditions.
  • Versatile Application: Adapt to your project needs with excellent flow characteristics and suitability for pumping or pouring methods.
  • Ease of Use: Pre-packaged format ensures consistent quality and eliminates on-site mixing variability.
  • Wide Gap Filling: Simplify your workflow by tackling gaps from 10mm to 150mm in a single application.